Learn Etiquette in the Famous Nanjing University

The Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (NUAA) is located in Nanjing, Jiangsu province, in eastern China. The university in its curriculum teaches etiquette (manners) and related subjects to the students. Recently, the photographs of the students undergoing the training have gone viral.

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Photo Source: chinanews.com

The University has introduced through its college a course in which the students are trained to hold a book on the head and walk straight without moving their heads. The difficulty arises when the lady trainees are asked to put high heels.

In the photographs, you can see students having chopstick in the mouth and learn to smile. Etiquette is taught that the students make a good impression on the customers while doing the front desk job at the reception.


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Photo Source: chinanews.com

The courses offered are Etiquette, Image & Style show, Civilized Manners, Smiling (service intensive ) course. The students develop in elegance and beautiful image.

In addition to Chinese etiquette, the students have to learn and have to practice the etiquette get explained Japanese and European manners. Table and place setting is way to start to enter the world of etiquette. The table and venue setting is of prime importance. The students go through all this as to how different courses of meals get served.

After the training, the students have better chances of getting employment in the corporate world. The demand for such training is rising in other institutes and cities. The parents say that if the students learn such etiquette in the schools & colleges it will be better for the pupils in their later lives



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