Laughter is Very Useful for a Good Health

We know that many people are very jovial and alive, beaming with smiles.  They keep laughing and try to make others laugh. Such people are attractive and befriend others pretty soon and are well liked by one and all. Laughter is very useful for health, gets proven through themSuch person on arrival enliven any gathering and are welcome. Each morning is a new beginning for such people. They are well liked, and people appreciate such person.

Such people face the problems, difficulties and mind boggling hassles in life laughingly with a cheerful spirit. They are never scared any situation or afraid of any sickness. On the other hand, some other people do just the opposite in such circumstances. They have no affinity towards any joke or laughter and never laugh at any funny situation. Their face presents a grim look or wears serious look.

Laughter reduces stress on the facial muscles and tissues thereby comforting the body. The breathing rate increases giving more oxygen to the body and throw out all the carbon dioxide. One tackles problem with much vigor.

It s evident that people with a sense of humor have a longer life span. Recently a Harvard Medical School’s Neuro consultant has confirmed that a person living over one hundred years has an appreciable sense of humor. Fresh research has found that person having left and right brain’s electrical signals balanced are fond of laughter and a sense of humor.

According to scientists, the left brain has the power of rationality and be logical. It is the boss, controls words spoken and the language used. It is very logical and helps in being clear in concepts. It forges ahead a person to go step by step.


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The right brain works on emitting waves of emotional reasoning. It is capable of intuitive thinking. It specializes in remembering complex data, songs, pictures, and colors. The right part of the brain coordinates emotions and decides how much to laugh on any matter and also how seriously one should behave.

According to the Neuroscientists, if someone’s right side of the brain is damaged due to any reason a person will laugh uncontrollably at a very small or trifle joke.
Similarly, if the left brain gets damaged that person will remain grim and serious even on hearing a very humorous joke.

It means that the left brain analyzes the joke and the right brain presents the picture.

Therefore, those whose brain’s both parts have a proper electrical waves balance; they are expert in their sense of humor. They make others laugh and have longer life span.


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