Web Hot 2: A)Drone Video Of Aviation Tower B)Photo Doggies For Anthony”.

The Popular Drone footage of 1500 feet high aviation tower:

Kevin Schmidt  has been taking care of the maintenance of towers of South Dakota’s airports. He is an employee of a communications company. Many a times he has to climb the towers that transmit light signals to aircrafts. He has to change the L E D bulbs.

Recently his work was recorded via drone  camera at a tower 1500 feet high. Nobody knew whose drone it was. Next day he started getting messages in which his high-risk job got appreciation. Somebody had uploaded the video on the net. He has recently explained that he usually he climbs at least 12 to 14 towers every day. His ascent to the tower got recorded by the drone camera for the first time.

Source of Videolink



To Keep friend’s smile 500000 Doggies photos were added to the Facebook page.

Screen shot 2015-01-10 at 9.11.51 AMAnthony Lyons Photo Source: Dainik Bhaskar

Anthony Lyons is a cancer patient from the city of Phoenix, USA. He has to visit the Children’s Hospital for the treatment every month and has to wait for long hours to return home. He says every time he remains there, and thinks of quickly returning to the home. If any pet dog gets seen, he is jubilant and smile returns to his face. But pet dogs do not come every time during the visit.

To grant and realize his wish, his friend Roberta Lucero Coron made a Facebook page titled ” Photo Doggies For Anthony”. She appealed all to upload the photos of their dogs for Anthony. To her surprise, by and by 900K people joined the page and 500K pictures of doggies uploaded worldwide. On learning this, Roberto was all tears. She received a massive response and never could  guess  that the page would be so famous. She did all this to please her friend and make him smile. Now he keeps seeing this page and finds the dog he loves. .
On this people uploaded pages from Dubai, Australia, Britain, Ireland, and many other countries. Additionally, people have sent messages for his faster recovery.

Here is a link to see Anthony telling this story.



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