Everything You Need To Know About Green Tea

Green Tea

Are you fond of Green Tea??

If affirmative, then you should know how to have green tea and be benefitted instead of getting harmed. A Chinese proverb says to live without green tea for a day; it is better to live without food for three days. The well wishers and lately scientific findings of green tea ascertain that it is full of antioxidants and on getting benefits of the health they have become its adherents and approve the proverb. Weight freaks insist on drinking the tea, the whole day, but this method is wrong…. it will result in a health loss.

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There are many health-giving benefits of the green tea. Namely, regular drinking would make you lose weight, skin will become beautiful, sharp memory, good appetite and overall immunity will improve. Foul breath due to teeth rotting and smelling, arthritis, kidney disease, anti-cancer potential, effects on cholesterol levels, antibacterial properties (ref:<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Camellia_assamica>) heart problem and irregular blood pressure and danger involved will get controlled. But overindulgence, in taking the green tea, may offset the benefits.

It will be damaging:

Overindulgence is not good, although the green tea does not have much of caffeine but, after a limit its use results in insomnia, stress and irritability, lessening of haemoglobin. Knowledgeable and well-informed persons say that daily intake of green tea should be about 2-3 cups. More consumption will increase the problems of those who suffer from intake of caffeine and the presence of fluoride and oxalates in tea.

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During pregnancy: It is not safe for the pregnant woman and also the embryo. The caffeine and tannic acid in the green tea is not good for the pregnant women, and it must be avoided. Stale Green tea loses its antioxidants and the vitamins and should not be taken after an hour of its making. Harmful bacteria germinate in the tea cooked more than an hour earlier.

When not to take the Green Tea:

Avoid taking green tea on the empty stomach in the morning. It will increase the acidity, instead of it make a habit of taking water of aniseed in hot water that will improve the digestion and help in the removal of the waste.

After the meals:

The weight reducer drinks tea right after the meal, it will affect their digestion and affect the nutrients and the absorption action.

Late at night:

Taking caffeine will affect  the brain and also drive away the sleep. Do not take the green tea prior to sleep. After intake of medicine, do not take any tea.



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