Talented Person’s Stature is More Than the Mightest Man

Thales of Miletus: 

Thales was the first great thinker of Greeks and believed to be the Father of Science, known as the first Mathematician and a Scientist. Nobody knew about his birth and death dates but believed to have lived from 624 BC to 546 BC. Aristotle expressed that he was the first of the pre – Socrates thinker of his times. Even Bertrand Russell, the famed English philosopher said, ” Western philosophy begins with Thales. “Thales attempted to explain the matter to be substance and did not refer to the mythologies.

His all-time observations have stood the test of times and valid today for making us think about values expressed here underneath.

1. Whichever job you want to prevent others from doing, do not do it yourself.

2. Time is the biggest and powerful weapon, because with time whatever done wrong will surface later on.
3. Talking much does not mean you have a sharper brain, also talking much does not prove that your heart knows everything.
4. Forget everything else and find out who you are. As most difficult task in the world is to know the truths associated with you.
5. Hope is always equally distributed to all. Whosoever does not have anything, has at least hope with him.
6. In world, nothing is older than God. No one has made him. Otherwise, in the world every other object is raised by someone.
7. Hear both the sides, as it is hard to decide the outcome without doing so.

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8. Nothing is greater than the necessity, as everything revolves around it.
9. Nothing is bigger than the thought because your thought can travel around the world.
10. Not knowing about anything is the greatest source of unhappiness and is the source of all the sorrow.
11. The simplest job in the world is to advise someone about something.
12. As, having good health, makes the body enjoy itself. Similarly with much knowledge, the brain receives much happiness.
13. Do not remember the friends when they are with you, but remember when they are away.

14. If a person has any talent, his stature is more than the mightiest man.

15. Losing a friend means that one has to shake the hand with one foe.

16. You ask a someone and receive a reply, it means you have the most essential in life.

17. With the success, many things become available in life. After success, the bluffers start to speak the truth, and the fools begin to get compliments.




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