Prana ( Life force ) drives the body in its functions.

There are two aspects of the human body. One: Physical. Two: the Non physical.

Both are important & interdependent, As long as the PRANA stays within a body. The physical part of the body works but the non physical continues even after the  physical body is no more. The Non physical part of body consists of Mind & Consciousness.

Prana can be considered as equal to Oxygen when we talk of its physical aspect. The molecules of oxygen can be taken as part of nanotechnology. They play an important  & essential role in all chemical & metabolic processes in the body as far as DNA  are concerned.

Yogis have used Prana at nano level by employing different techniques of Pranayama ( breathing techniques).  Documented proofs have been established by curing serious diseases  like heart ailments, rheumatism, migraine, epilepsy, various cancers, tumor, obesity, uterus, prostate and nearly all diseases. The research  on various kind of Pranayama are being done under clinical controlled conditions in various parts of the world.The results are always encouraging.

Pranayam provides right amount of oxygen to the blood cells thereby transporting energy to various organs of the body. It helps in giving stress free life by essentially generating faith, surrender, trust  and harmony.


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