Treating chronic and low back pain

Treating chronic and low back pain, through Yoga. The world over it is known Yoga has answer without any kind of medicines for low back pain and any other back pain. For this use the following three postures. “Markat assan” 1,2 & 3. These should be practiced daily to remain free of back pain but to one’s own capacity. First pose: Lying on your back using Yoga (Asanas), join your knees after folding and placing heels next to buttocks.

Heels together, move the knees to right with both hands at perpendicular to the trunk, stretched. Breath in and put the knees to the ground on the right side, turn the neck to left and try to keep all body stretched for about fifteen seconds. Do the same on the other side with the knees placed on ground to the left and neck to the right. That is one round. You should for three cycles in due due course of time.

Second pose: Yoga: lying on the back fold your legs with knees and feet about 9 inches apart. Turn your knees to the right so that they touch the ground. The knee of the left foot should lap over and touch the heel of the right foot. Arms stretched as wings and your head is swung to the left as in first the pose. Repeat the same on the left side and continue for three cycles.

The third pose: It is by putting the tip of the right foot toe on or as near to the stretched left index finger of left arm, turn the neck to left, hold on for 15 seconds. Slowly switch over to the other opposite arm and the leg. The neck will be to the right.  Repeat this exercise for three times. This twisting will take care of the back removing all the pain. Care has to be taken so that an individual never unduly stresses oneself. As a a precaution, do not ever exceed your bodily limits at any time.

 The exercises’ (asanas) repetition shall be increased slowly over a period of 2-3 weeks. Normal precautions of keeping the stomach empty for at least 4 hours prior to the exercise is to observed.  Restful sleep is to be for the minimum 6 hours in every 24 time.


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