Reasons You Should Not Fall In Love With Smartphones, They Are Not Good After 9 PM.

All in all smartphone is highly useful to one and all. One can remain connected to the work in or out of the office. Gone are the days when one had to worry about the latest requirements for the work or office. Because smartphone, make it possible to remain in touch, using emails or websites or the apps available. Time-critical data can get attended immediately. The customers almost always remain abreast of the latest and reach the principal of any organization.


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Christopher Barns of Foster School of Business, University of Washington has established through research that the capacity of work for the next morning decreases if the smartphone gets used on the previous night. Smartphone after 9 pm is not helpful and useful. It not only distracts office workers from good performance but also lowers their capacity to work. Although the smartphone is helpful to work in the office and does much of the work through the connectivity. Employees are unable to do much work the next morning. The research shows that because of the connectivity they have to pay back on the next day. Remember the work of worker depends on the good quality sleep for the previous night. The smartphone keeps the brain occupied for the long period even after the work is over. That results in the inability of the worker to recharge through rest and recovery.

The management has to find out or devise something else. As per Barns, the other, easiest way out is for the worker to stop the work at a fixed time and psychologically disassociate from the office work.

As the smartphone is entering more and more in our day to day life, we need to devise ways and means to stop this advent. In their Blog post, here is what Barns and colleagues say, “Smartphones are enormously valuable for helping people fit work activity into times and places outside of the office,” said Barnes and colleagues who summarised their paper in a Harvard Business Review blog post.

“However, our new research indicates the greater connectivity comes at a cost: using a smartphone to cram more work into a given evening results in less work done the next day. Smartphones are bad for sleep, and sleep is very important to effectiveness as an employee,” they said. via



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