Relief In Those Days Of Monthly Periods

The pain in those days obstructs and interrupts normal life’s flow. Do not fall into the trap of taking medicines but try these home remedies to get relief. As the monthly period approach, lots of women start getting backache, or stomach aches or feet start to get pain. It is this  pre mensural syndrome  (PMS ) that health condition commence to bother up to week and a half before the onset. Some women get these physical problem even during the periods and need to overcome this trouble. To avoid side effects, instead of taking allopathic medicines try these home remedies. These measures are worry free with no side effects and give relief quickly.

Beneficial Parsley

The parsley in the kitchen is very helpful is of great value during these days. Take a cupful of water and add a spoon of parsley, boil it for five minutes and sieve it, and drink it. The other way to try is to roast a spoon of the powder of parsley and have it with a spoon of honey. Still another way is to take half a spoon of parsley and take a cup of warm water, right after it. Taking roasted parsley powder in a warm cup of milk is equally beneficial in these days.

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Helpful Aniseed

Like parsley, aniseed  is helpful to relieve the pain. Take a spoon of aniseed, boil for five minutes. Crush the aniseed and sieve the mixture, adding a spoon of honey to get relief from the pain. Have this mixture twice daily for three days in advance of the onset of the monthly period.

Potent Azadirachta indica

During this painful days, there is no parallel to relieve the pain as compared to Azadirachta iIndicaor or any other equivalent. Make a paste with water and 8-10 leaves of Azadirachta Indica ( Neem ). Take this paste along with warm water, not only during these days of monthly periods Azadirachta Indica leaves give pain relief but also act as the deterrent for stopping any infection. For a quick effect, you have the leaves with water or gulp them down. If these leaves are not available, then take basil leaves after boiling them. During the painful days sip the water every two hours, making sure hat water is warm, take care, don’t let the water cool down. Daily take the basil leaves in the morning and also along with the meals and the morning routine tea. The cough gets relieved following this routinely.



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Comfort Provider Aloe vera.:-

As per the consultants and experts aloe vera juice gives the relief the fastest. It is available easily in the market. Mix a spoon of honey and aloe vera juice and have it two to three times. The mixture provides the stability and keeps the blood discharge balanced during these days. Not only during the monthly periods, taking the aloe vera 2/3 weekly is highly beneficial.

Effective Ginger:

Ginger reduces the pain during this period and plays an important role in keeping you fresh and reduce the tiredness. Take a cup of water with a bit of ginger and boil it for a few minutes, add lime juice and a spoon of honey. It becomes a tasty and nutritive drink. Take this in place of tea 2/3 times daily and add cinnamon for the first three days.

Ensure to have complete Iron:

During the days of periods, pay attention to your food intake. Have all the fruits and green vegetables having iron as its content. Avoid taking too much caffeine, excessive tea, junk food, and food having many fats. Avoid the workout in the gym and any yoga class. Yes, going out for a little walk is recommended. If the there is much pain in the stomach or the back use hot water bottle for some relief.


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