How To Have Fantastic 7 Easy Remedies To Get Stress-free At Once. With Minimal Spending

Getting fired by the boss in the office, an argument with wife at home is not very uncommon happening. Top all this with the pressure of office work, traffic jams, expenses at home and what more. Stress needs some excuse to be weigh heavily on one and all. If no remedial action gets initiated, the pressure of stress can cause a heart attack, stroke, or depression or some dangerous condition. If you are prone to stress due to trifle matters, any one  or some of the following measures will melt away the stress in no time.

1. Ten minutes walk:

The immediate disappearance of stress is bound to take place by walking for 10-minutes, preferably bare feet, on a lawn.


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2.Relaxing Exercise:

Stand erect, keep your hands loosely on the thighs, keep the face in upright position. Take a long breath and exhale, stay in this pose and later come to your natural and healthy pose.

3.Blow and fill up Balloons:

It may look odd, but when under stress, try and fill the balloons. This way the lungs receive a lot more of the oxygen and blood circulation gets stimulated. The mood is cheered up, and tension gets released. Message of head will also helpful in relieving tension.


Take a tennis ball and place it under your back, roll your back over it. It will relieve you of any tension and also stimulate your blood circulation.

5.Steam Bath

Take a steam bath, use a few fragrant, aromatic oil drops on the arm, in the steam system. Put lavender oil and keep smelling it after a few minutes. The tension will disappear.

6.Green Tea:

A sip of green tea makes you tension free, it is because of the stress enhancer ‘beta waves’ in the brain are drawn out.

7.Facial Exercise:

Breath deeply and let the tongue rub the pallet and on breathing out.
Lower the tongue to normal position. At the same time, rub the face with the fingers. You will feel relaxed and tension free to some extent.


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