More About Bed Bugs And How They May Be Controlled

There is always something that we learn in life or as they say, there is always the first time. It is in the local trains of Mumbai that many people learn of bed bugs or khatmal. As people are crammed up on the trains, bed bugs surface and bite and before they realize,  they disappear to other humans or back into the wooden or sets crevices. It is common to get bitten by these bugs in hotels, dormitories and the institutions in the beds or sofa sets or other the furniture. They look for cosy places and usually live in the spaces between beds and mattress & furniture. They usually operate during dark hours.

Once bitten the bed bugs, intense itching sensation occurs. The body part where such operation takes place gets swollen. Skin rash is most visible effect noticeable. A nagging feeling of getting cheated by these insects prevails. It will be prudent to investigate and get a proper action to control their infestation. The bed bugs are known to humans for thousands of years. As their existence is mentioned in the Greek and Middle-East history. Bedbugs are mentioned to treat hysteria, treating snake bites and ear infection. But not clinically proved. Via


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The bed bugs are not easily detectable since they operate very late and in the early hours. They lodge themselves in the seams of fabric, Below mattresses, and seen to pierce the fabric and enter the mattress and get lost in the mattress material. The traces faecal spots and blood smeared bedsheet and of course, swollen skin of the victim are sure to sign to find them.


Exposing the mattresses to the sun is a sure way to control the bugs as they do not survive over the temperature of 45 degrees Celsius.  That way is not practical in cold climates or the other places like furniture and other gear is not possible. Bed bugs have progressed themselves with times and have developed resistance to chemicals or pesticides used to control them their effectiveness is given here from most to the least effectiveness: λ-cyhalothrin, bifenthrin, carbaryl, imidacloprid, fipronil, permethrin, diazinon, spinosyn, dichlorvos, chlorfenapyr, and DDT via .

All in all, it is best to take immediate steps of decimating them by using traditional and latest available in the market. For further reading check out this guide on bed bug removal.


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