How Metaphorical Dream May Change Your View Of Life

Last night I had a dream, in which, I and my family went to Shimla the famous hill station for the weekend. !! We all enjoyed the colorful scenic beauty of hills of Shimla. As soon as our car reached the Sunset Point the brakes of the car failed. Suddenly the car fell into a ravine. I died on the spot.

The messenger of God, the Yama took me to the Heaven. Perhaps, I had some good deeds to my credit in life. The Lord God Indra welcomed me with a smile. He saw the bag in my hand and enquired, What’s in it.? I replied that it was my lifetime earnings, cash, five billion. He asked me to put all that in a locker no SVG 6767934, pointing to the number. Put your savings in it, please. !! I kept the bag and was given a Room. I Freshened up and headed for the market !! Shopping malls in the Heaven have fantastic things, and I got tempted !! I liked some things and put them in a basket, and on the counter I gave crisp bills of dollars.

Metaphorical Dream

The Operator looked at the bills and said that the currency was not valid here. !! I was surprised to hear it. !! I complained to God Indra. He said that as a trader, you ought to know that this currency is not valid here. You are trying to use the death ( Hells’s) world’s currency; that is not acceptable here and totally invalid for any transaction. It was the shock of my life!

I broke down and lamented aloud and prayed to God and begged Him, to spare me. I asked that what is that is happening to me? I said to Him, Look, dear God I worked very hard to earn this money. I did not care for the time, whether it was a day or night. Did’nt take care of my aged parents, I ignored my kids and kept earning the money with the whole heart and soul. I even neglected my wife’s health but kept on earning the money. I spared no feelings for the relatives, brotherhood, the clan, and friends but kept on earning the money. I was after money like anything, never cared for timely meals or sleep and solely kept earning the money… and here, that is all useless and a waste. And it was all in vain !!

God Indra said it is of no use crying over the spilled milk. All those, who brought money from the death world(earth) here, all went into the trash. He told that Carnegie, Henry Ford, Rockefeller, all brought their billions here but were not of any use. All those who brought earth’s money here, all went in the trash. He told that Carnegie, Henry Ford, Rockefeller, All brought their billions here but was not of any use.

Then I asked Indra which is the currency here? He replied that a credit card is issued to those who have done some good deeds like helping woeful and dismal beings, made some sad fellow laugh, had married off a poor girl, paid for education of the poor kids, and made them  capable of making a livelihood. Did you give alms to the needy, did you help any blind school or helped the deaf and dumb children institute or old age home?
Only such people get the unlimited credit here. You need to trade in such a way to get all the facilities.

I submitted that I had no knowledge of these deeds and wasted my time there. Please, God spare me some time so that I may set myself on the righteous path. God Indra had mercy on me and blessed me, and I woke from my sleep, a changed being. Now onwards, I will work in the direction shown to earn the credit, once I am up there.



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