All That You Need to know About Yogic and Natural Cure For Nervous Weakness

Improper lifestyle due to the modern ways of living amongst computer, mobiles, TVs, stress in all most all situations and minimal relaxation lead to nervous weakness. It is the sedentary type of lifestyle with no fresh air and remaining away from the nature, all add up to the nerves clutter.

Almost daily, we come across everyday people who look healthy but do not have any self-confidence. They lack the decision-making power for any matter. They are not mentally stable and have a feeling of mental worries and insecurity about them. The disease is not apparent visually, but the person is completely insecure from internally. The person is mentally and physically weak with one of the reasons as discussed below.

It could be one of the following reasons or a combination of them, such as:

1. Being drug addicted.
2. Improper sleep or sleeping very late at night.
Photo: Wikipedia -Minor dark circles,  in addition to a hint of eye bags, a combination mainly suggestive of minor Sleep deprivation
3. Over consumption of alcohol.
4. Too much indulgence in sex.
5. Much use of painkillers and much use of allopathic medicines for trifle problems.
6. Much intake of fast food, or fried food and too much use of spicy food.

Symptoms of this Problem:

This disease gets detected by the symptoms of the much change of the nature of victim. That person becomes irritable and is ever ready for row for a slight matter. The concerned person has a nagging and continuous feeling that the individual is not good for anything or not suitable or capable of anything.

The person starts to lie and cover up everything and has no determination. The person has suicidal feelings as the said person remains depressed and looks for slipping away and sometimes is successful in committing suicide. The disease is curable if proper care is taken.

Yogic Cure:

1. Dhyana or thought concentration on away from self is sure to cure this nervous disease.

2. Regular Yogic sleep or Yognindra needs to be practiced.

3. The practice of Pranayama, kamarcharasan, Vajra asana, Bhujangasana, Makarasana, Shalbhasana, Pavanmuktasan, Pachimottaasana, etc., is beneficial.

4. Kapalbhati, Nadishododhan aand Bharammari pranayam are also beneficial.

Natural Cure:

1. During the winter season, Sunbath and body massage prove very beneficial.

2. Hot-cold fomentation on the back is very necessary.

3. For proper bowel movement, Enema is highly recommended.

4. Hot and cold fomentation especially on the liver area, a cold bandage on the stomach, etc. are beneficial for the patient. It should be repeated thrice a week.

5. One should take the bath with cold water; take the bath with lukewarm water in winters followed cold water bath. Rub the body nicely while taking the bath. Do Yog-Nidra for 15 minutes after the bath.

Diet and Regimen

1. The patient should take light and easily digestible food. The food should include such items that contain sodium, vitamin B1 and phosphorus in sufficient quantity. The patient should consume fruits, milk, lentils, green vegetables in sufficient quantity.

2. Fruits like orange, papaya, banana, guava, grapes and dry fruits like raisins, almond, dates, fig, etc., should be consumed.

3. Spinach, Bathua, cucumber, green peas, carrot, bitter gourd, tomato, and turnip are very beneficial for the patient.

4. The patient should take a coarse meal, milk, sprouted gram or moong dal in breakfast.

5. Mix two spoonful of olive oil in a salad and consume it with lunch for benefit.

6. Take myrobalan powder with clarified butter or honey or water at night to overcome nervous weakness. It increases digestive fire and strengthens the body. via


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