Yoga Based Life To Counter The Challenges Of Adolescence


In the course of development of life, the stage of adolescence after the stage of childhood is as definite as spring after the winter. It is the crucial phase of life which comes between the childhood and the adulthood. The stage occurs between 13-19 years. Psychologists have defined in many ways. Someone has defined it as the most tensed and troublesome stage of storm and tension and others like Karl Young has defined it as the afternoon of life. Calet has defined it as the most nervous and troublesome stage. In this phase, the person of adolescent age is found to have a quest for getting a new recognition among friends and to be seen differently. It is the reason a psychologist Ericson has termed it as a stage of highly egoistic nature.

Although it is the most exciting phase of life, when an adolescent boy or girl learn new things, they get new friends, they take new responsibilities and participate in other activities besides studies. Swami Vivekanand, the ideal sage of all youth, has described this stage as the most significant phase of life. Swami Ramdev, the hero of millions of people, has described the boys and girls of this group as the backbone of the nation. Psychologists, educationists, and research scholars too have shown great interest in the changes taking place in this age group. Challenges of the boys and girls of this age group and ways to tackle them have also been a subject of a great interest for them. It is the stage when the maximum physical and mental changes are perceived. Boys and girls of this age group have to relinquish the habits of childhood and learn the new ones. In this phase of life, the kid is not clear, as the kid does not consider oneself a complete child nor a full adult. Here he needs to learn many new things besides physical and mental changes. Solving the problems and their course correction are to be learned from them on their own because, before this, their such problems were solved by their parents and the teachers. Many a times the person of this age has high ambitions, big imaginations, which hardly have any relation to the reality. And when such visions do not get fulfilled, they fall victim to mental problems. Due to this some of the kids develop the addiction to alcohol and drugs, and they have a tendency to show destructive traits that become the problem for both the children and the society as well. Moreover, they also have to face following problems.


A. High Expectation of Parents:

Having expectation from the kids is not a wrong thing but high expectation from them, is responsible for the negative result. In this stage, an adolescent has a particular kind of professional and educational interest, and they want to get admission according their interests, and many a times so many students attain success in life. But most of the students have to tow a path according to the expectations of their parents, that prevents them from getting success. It is quite possible that a student has the interest to become an engineer, but the parents want him to become a successful doctor of their city. In this situation, they have a pressure to fulfill the expectation of their parents that become the reason for the failure of the student. Many a times it also happens that due to poor economic conditions of the families, a student can not take admission in the desired stream of studies which leads him to depression. However, the students whose parents have high expectations for their kids, remind them to fulfill the expectations. The students who fail to get social recognition, they lose interest in the studies which results in their dropping out from the institution, and their educational performance gets badly hit.

B. Compppparioson of their children by parents with other boys and girls:

Many a times it is seen that parents have a tendency to compare their children with other boys and girls living in their neighborhood.  By doing it repeatedly, the student feels inferior and loses interest in his studies.

C. Lack of proper guidance:

Many a times a student of this group is in confusion regarding as to what to do and what not to do. The kind of role he has to play in a particular condition. They are found to be confused in selection of the subject. In the absence of right guidance, he loses proper orientation.

D. Anxiety for career:

In the second half of this age group, the students are found to be anxious for their career. The next stage which comes after this age is known as the adulthood.  That also troubles them. The questions like – whether they will get a job after the studies or when will they get it? Though in this stage, their personality becomes fully mature.

Yoga based lifestyle makes you able to tackle challenges of life:-

One should debate at least one hour for yoga and Pranayam and practise Asanas, Meditation, Shitlikaran Vayama etc. Modern research has proved that yoga leads us to mental, physical, emotional and spiritual emotion. Yoga provides a new thinking in life. It enhances our positive thinking abilities, gives a new and fresh outlook towards life so that we could tackle them in a scientific way. In this process, we must include the exercises which may give us freshness, good memory, peace, could heal tension so that our complete development could be ensured.

Yoga based lifestyle means such a way of life which includes all the techniques of yoga, proper diet, proper lifestyle, sufficient sleep and inclusion of other management techniques. They can help the adolescents and their teachers and parents to tackle their problems. Following are some the suggestions in this context:-

1. The teachers and parents are required to have a friendly behaviour with the boys and girls of this age group. In place of punishment, etc, they  are required to have proper understanding of their problems. If needed, they can take the advice of psychologists.2.

2. Besides expectations, the parents are required to take care of the interests of their children and should take the decision after serious contemplation.

3. The parents are advised always to encourage their children. They should refrain from comparing the performance of their children with others. In its place, they should tell them such techniques which could help the children of this age group to use their energy in the best way and perform outstandingly. Every boy and girl of this age group has immense power, the only thing they require to give it a certain direction. Even the students of this age group are advised  not to compare themselves with others but to compare themselves with their own previous performance.

4. It is also advised that the students of the age group should be guided be the parents and their teachers in a proper way.

5. For the selection of subjects and career related works, it is advised to take the advice of educationists  and psychologists. Besides, it is also important to take expert advice to tackle the effects of the incidents like ragging and molestation.

6. For positive thinking, the adolescent boys and girls are advised to read the biography of great men and women as that will help them to think positively and live in a proper way. With this, they will feel energetic, full of confidence and will also get positive inspiration.

7. Besides education, the students of this age group must participate in sports, intellectual debates, and other healthy activities, which are crucial for healing tension.

8. Pure and healthy food, seasonal fruits and vegetables are important for the physical and mental strength, therefore the parents must take care of these things also.

9. For good mental and physical health, sufficient sleep is also very important. The adolescent person must take at least 7-8 hours sleep every day. They should also develop a habit of early to bed ad early to rise.10.

10.Waking up early in the morning is a very good habit. After waking up, one should make a plan for  various activities for the day. One should plan one’s energy in a way  that he should not have time for useless chats and unproductive activities. Before going to bed, analyse the whole day’s activities and achievements and work on to reduce the flaws in your lifestyle.

11. One should devote at least one hour for yoga and pranayama and the practice the asanas, Meditation, Shithilikaran vyayam, etc. Modern research has proved that yoga leads us to our mental, physical and spiritual elevation. Yoga provides a new thinking in life. It enhances our positive thinking abilities, gives a new and fresh outlook towards life so that we could assess the upcoming challenges and problems and could tackle them in a scientific way. In this process, we must include the exercises that may give us freshness, good memory, peace, could heal tension so that our complete development could be ensured.

A person of this age group can practise folloing Asanas and Yoga everyday. Initially, all these Yoga asanas should be practised under the guidance of an able teacher and later you can do it alone.

Asanas ( 20 Minutes):

After suksham ( easy warming up) exercises, some of the pranayams like Kapalbhati, Bhastrika, ets should be pracrised, then it is advided t so Surya Namasksr, padmasand, vajrasana, ushtgtrasaana, Gomukhanana, paschimotasana, Shashakasana, Dhanurasana, Bhujanasana, Makaradana, Naukasanna, Sarvangasana, Halasana, Tadasana, Vrikasana, Padhasana, etc.

  Paranayama ( 20  minutes):

Kapalbhati, Bhastrika, Anulom- vilom and Fbramari.


Shavasana,Yognifra, etc.

Meditation ( 10 Minutes ):

Concentration on rising sun, focusing on life and achievements of any great person. Regular Yoga enhances confidence, inspirational quotient  of mind  is also enhanced, and you are filled with the feelings of Samatvam and Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam.You learn the art of Samayojan. Disorientation of your mind is checked and its shape begins to change. During this period, the changes and the incidents witnessed by a person remain in his memory for the whole life. Here, if keeping the person’s future in mind, a right outlook is developed in them towards life then he can be made aware of upcoming challenges. If they are trained properly then definitely a lotus will bloom in the age of adolescence which will propel the growth of the nation. The way iron after burning in high temperature  becomes steel, the same way a  person of this age group an adolescent person should include yoga in his life styes and feel the experience. Definitely it will make them very strong and will take them to the destination where you want to reach.


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