The Reasons Why People Love Barbecue Almost Everywhere.


It is common to see the barbecue’s small eating joints and shops in the western world, and Mediterranean coastal cities, most of middle east. Barbecue is a gift from Turkey. The day the Turkish nomads discovered the art of grilling, the world changed forever. In culinary history, barbecues staked their claims. The drawing power of naked blaze cooking trespassed all the worldly, regional, linguistic areas. Gastronomy the art or rule of managing the stomach. The term is purposely all-encompassing: it subsumes all of cooking technique, nutritional facts, food science, and everything that has to do with palatability plus applications of taste and smell as human ingestion of foodstuffs goes. Via Barbecue got welcome adoption in every food of the world. Seasonings, herbs, and marinades contributed to seared, char-grilled, tandoors, tossed and sauteed variants.

The chain of restaurants under their brand name having the word “Barbecue”  inserted in their name, are found all over the world. Such a chain called ‘Barbeque Nation’ is famous all over India. Perhaps one can go several times to eat at these restaurants, summer, and winter. Two different periods, but just as beautiful! All they need is, to cook and serve, but they are doing very well! We always take the menu whose presentation-quality-quantity-price ratio is outstanding! The salad is very diverse and plentiful. The chicken leg, particularly tender and tasty, cooked in front of you on a wood fire, is a marvel. The desserts get refined with sympathetic Decora. The restaurants are magnificent places to consume without moderation!babeque

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The Prix Fix of 5 vegetarians and 5 Nonvegetarian dishes. Epicurean Abundance – The menu(Asian, Oriental, Mediterranean) consisting of barbecues – served in skewers set on red hot embers right in your table gives a unique experience. The food variety is good and completes a plenty of starters both veg and non-veg. The vegetarians get some specials like the corn kernels and Veg sizzlers. The non-vegetarians have a right choice of mutton, chicken, and prawns. I loved the paneer kebab.

The main course is in buffet style, also has a good spread, with bowls of soup, lots of salads, biryanis, Chinese and Thai food apart from India cuisines. The desserts mostly of ice-creams, cakes/mousse, swiss rolls, fruits, Gulab Jamun and Phirni helps in giving a good finish.
Mocktails and Cocktails are there for one enjoy.
Overall good experience and the service should satisfy one and all.


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