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The concerts are being conducted on continuous bases in the second highest Langjökull glacier in Iceland. Only Seventy spectators get admitted in a single session. There is the lowest single entrance fee of US$315. All have to register on the website for the admission in advance.

In Langjökull glacier has a magnificent cave. It takes about forty-five minutes to explain about the glacier prior to entry for the concert. The distance of 500 meters needs to be traversed from the entrance door to the end of the deepest part of the cave. The show director Freorik Olafsson says that that participants of the concert will be a part of the history since it is first of its kind of concerts.


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Photo credit: Dainik Bhaskar

The color of the glacier walls varies, many times of bluish and purplish shade so that the beauty of the cave gets enhanced. The glacier is the second Ice cap of Iceland. It spreads over an area of 953 square kilometers and is at a height of 1450 meters above the sea surface. The thickness of the ice of the glacier is about 580 meters (1980 feet). Langjökull is the second largest ice cap in Iceland, after Vatnajökull. It is situated in the west of the Icelandic interior or Highlands of Iceland and can be seen clearly from Haukadalur.


Miniature Paintings on Butterfly wings by Cristiam Ramos

Mexican artist Cristiam Ramos is famous for his miniature artistic paintings that are mostly replica of Renaissance period great artists. His works can be viewed in the major art museums of Americas, Europe and Japan and other countries. He has surprised the world by using candies and the Tooth Paste as the material to make the paintings. This time he has painted real genuine classical paintings on the using dead butterflies’ wings. He uploaded these pictures on his Facebook page and being appreciated a lot. Remos explained that all the paintings are unique.

In the art gallery of Cristiam Ramos – real spider web paintings, nail polish paintings, candy-used artworks, and fantastic miniature paintings on the wings of butterflies. Also to fifteen awards, the artist’s creations are listed in the World Record. The sculpture of a motorcycle made of candies was certified by the Ripley’s, Believe it or not, international firm.Via

Photo credit: Dainik Bhaskar

Remos said that the butterfly wings were not as good as the canvas. It is very complicated work because to complete one wing it takes 56 hours. To make a detailed painting he had to use a magnifying glass. He has depicted the Leonardo Da Vinci. Lady with an Ermine and Madonna Miniature painting on butterfly wings. Via

He then further added he is very much impressed by the Turkish artist of Istanbul named Hassan, who has made such a different kind of painting.

Here underneath a clip of YouTube Miniature paintings byMexican artist Cristiam Ramos





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