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Wireless Chargin

Now you can charge the smartphone through the pocket.
A new technique has emerged to charge smartphone battery. Engineers and Nikolas Laboratories are developing the technology so that the smartphones would get charged while the smartphone lies in the pocket. The smartphones receivers are capable tho draw energy out of the air. Similarly, the radio waves in the atmosphere would be used to draw out power to charge the smartphone battery. The technique of wireless charging of batteries is going on for many years now, but the phone instrument gets placed on the mat or the pad.

Mobile phone battery life is number one problem for the device users. The industry giants are untiringly working to solve the problem. Recently, Apple has announced that iOS9 will have low power mode would provide 3 hours more of the life to its mobile batteries.
The consumers want a solution to this eternal problem of charge-depleting.
The demand on to consume battery power has risen phenomenally since the iPhones came in the market 2007. The complaint is constant to improve the battery life because of the limitation involved. Day in and day out new Mobile apps and the operating system have increased the load and the battery power consumed is much higher. It is most surprising that the smartphones get changed with more frequency than when the smartphones came on the market. Conducted surveys show that the trend, tendency, and direction will continue to come. The consumer is using more apps, more of blue tooth accessories, more of videos, more of games to play, listen to more of the podcasts. All this has offset the improvement made in to prolong the battery life.

Wireless Chargin

The lithium-ion batteries are used about 400 times. They need replacement as they start to go down drastically in their efficiencies, say, after about a year or so. The portable smartphone industry as a whole is struggling as how to keep the life of the battery extended.
The solution has to improve the wireless power charging of the mobile units.

The requirement of the wireless charging through transmitter is expected to rise from the present approx $775 million to 15-16 folds more to about 11-12 billion in 2020. The wireless power will transcend beyond the smartphones to portable technology. The revolution is in the making.
The market leaders believe that Internet of Things(IoT) will rise to 50 billion devices in the very short period of five years and touch $ 18-19 trillion market. Expert know that the market support services for the Internet of Everything (IoE) could be as much as $ 300 million.
Right now only 4-inch smartphones may be charged by using the inductive coupling technology. We need to reach in the arena of charging smartphones in the open and uncovered areas. Nonstop and automatic charging of equipment is going to be the next technology need. The radio energy or the electromagnetic charging devices locations ranging from airports, schools, colleges, hotel industry, large stadiums, factories and the defense outlets that is practical wherever you go.

The looming requirement is as to how get from the present state of affairs to the unlimited need that is fast approaching the world.

One has to find out from the industry as to when such advances in charging battery start a more active role. The newer version of the mobile charging units will have to comply with safety and regulatory controls. The technocrats feel that a span of 10 -15 years will take care of the most suitable solution, and we do away with the time consuming older versions.
The Masschussets Institute of Technology, Boston is at the forefront of finding the solution for the charging the mobile that would charge mobile phones from the heat of the human body. The experiments are on to finalize the solution. An age is perhaps approaching in which the battery would be capable of charging itself within the temperatures of 20 to 60 centigrade.

Where do Things Now Stand:

Here is how the things stand for wireless charging technology:-

Inductive coupling – this is prevalent in the trade falling within the red zone of not meeting the regulatory demands of FCC because the radio frequencies used exceed the limits imposed. Thus, a proven health risk is there, requires adopters.

Lasers: –Definite health hazards with not certain for the pathways, require adopters.

Ultrasound: Need to answer many issues require both FDA approval and adopters.

Energy harvesting: Is not a solution though the method extends the life of the battery. More info is available from

You will find more info from http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2848868/Mobile-phones-charge-batteries-pocket-using-body-heat.html#ixzz3fH1KALE3



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