Everything You Need To Know About City Made For Driverless Cars Does Not Permit Humans..

Imagine, a made only for cars, has everything the daily needs, but has no permission for humans to enter. Such a city exists and has been made by the University of Michigan for researchers to test driverless cars. The city is called ‘MCity.’ It was developed, out of necessity.

Some people go injured while testing the driverless cars in various places in the US. The researchers believe that if the accidents happen due to driverless cars then the technology will have to be put off.

The simulated MCity is in Ann Arbor in the northern area of the University of Michigan. 32 acres of land has a controlled Test Environment for the project. The area is equivalent to 24 football grounds. In this large area, they have provided, all the facilities for running a small city. The streets have the necessary road signs, painted lines on roads, and all the required traffic lights. They even have provided the sidewalks pavement for the pedestrians. Besides, this they even have the superstructures of the buildings, outdoor restaurants and playgrounds.


Photo source:  Mobility Transport Center Mcity Test facility Via

The University has always been leading the way for the research in the automobile industry in the world. Traditionally, Michigan has been leading the car industry for over a century in the US and the world so far. There are maximum numbers of automotive and research and development centers having the highest strength of industrial and mechanical engineers in the US. The private sector companies along with the Government working together to the necessary research and development. The name like Ford, Mercedez have joined in this innovation to come.

Self-driving cars are sure to do away with the fatal accidents. Driverless This is the nascent stage of this innovation. Humans will have be replaced by machines in a pure sense. The scope of connected and automated vehicles technologies need a lot of work and cooperation of various fields and agencies so that the safety of the transportation system improves. That should result in safer cities and mobility.

The concept of the MCity is just like an ordinary town. The driverless cars are being tested in the environment without humans in the MCity. Robotic men are to assume as the pedestrians crossing of streets. This way it will be ascertained whether the driverless cars can work or not. In case of any accidents in the M-City, the researchers will rectify any deficiency of the driverless cars. The systematic investigations would establish of any possibilities resulting in accidents with human beings.

As per Democratic Senator Garry Peters, there are 33 thousand deaths on the roads in car accidents due to the car crash in the US. This figure is likely to come down by 80% y the driverless cars.



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