Launching Black Dot Benefits More Females from Violence

Maltreatment of women is the biggest problem in the world and such an affair at home breaks down women emotionally. In such a Serious and distressing position, they are usually unable to express themselves. They bear all the consequences quietly. Since the Black dot idea commenced, it has become such a movement that is helpful to the young females and women. This movement will strengthen them so that they can stand and fight back and help others in such a sickening situation as well.

The campaign had started by a British woman( name withheld) who went through such turmoil. The idea of Black dot has stirred the awareness of the world. Over 4.8 million people have joined this organisation. Jane Huntan, a worker in this league, says that 6000 people joined within the first 24 hours. She urges that more people should join this agitation so that they strengthen the idea of Black dot and raise voice against such oppression.



This is an out of box thinking so that the world becomes aware of exploitation. Frequently in such case the victim is scared to disclose the matter thinking that the situation will worsen. Her fear is that will the other person will believe her version or not? Black dot platform has come forward to overcome this dilemma or the vicious circle and spread the awareness around the world to counteract the danger of absurd violence and come forward to help. On their Facebook page, six women have uploaded the picture of their palms and have thanked the campaign.

The sponsors say that they have not shared this idea with social organizations and the professionals because the perpetrators of violence will come to know of the idea. According to Newzealand Herald, 49 women have been helped. The sponsors have clarified that help may not reach all the sufferers, but the organization can plainly tell the way out of the mistreatment of women.

Waltairs say that the intention to bring this on Facebook was that whosoever seeks help from us should not be afraid. We would put them in contact with those who can benefit in real terms.

But as the Black Dot has garnered media attention, it’s also been criticised by people who worry that a specific symbol highlighting domestic violence would draw unwanted attention to victims – and thus risk the wrath of their abusers. Others have pointed out that professionals and support agencies won’t have received training on what to do when spotting someone with a black dot on their hand.Via

The founder of a Facebook campaign designed to get help to domestic abuse victims says some of its critics have misunderstood its aims.Via

The way to join in the movement: 

The victim or those who help have to put a black dot on the palm. So that the sufferer can disclose about the someone trustworthy about her victimization going on. Perhaps the hearer is the right person to help. The black dot ensures the help that would reach. This is what is out of the box approach so that the victimization can be brought to the fore and taken to task.


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