Facebook’s Viral Page of the President Who Actually Banned It

The Chinese President Xi Jinping had toured the US recently. His visit was a hi-fi affair for scattering and spreading abroad, of ideas, beliefs, etc. A Facebook page was uploaded on the night of September 17. It got posted as ‘Xi USA Visit’. Over 1 million followers have joined so far.

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Photo Credit: Facebook

Xi is one of leading World leaders who opposed the Facebook. Since he has gone to the US, his page has been specially designed and managed. On this page are included the visits of the older Chinese leaders, similarities between Beijing and Washington D.C, the cartoons of Xi and Obama. Within 11 days, they uploaded much of the stuff. They believed this way his world’s image would improve.

It is highly surprising that he has got over a million of likes because Facebook got prohibited in China for the last seven years. The Chinese people were not allowed to use the services and sights of Twitter, Bloomberg, Soundcloud, and Flickr. Any users of these web sights were dealt with severely and fined heavily.

Xi Jinping, the Chinese President, left on Monday the September 28th for his country after the official visit to the US and his first presentation at the UN. He addressed a gala welcome dinner of China-US Governors Conference of US west coast center, Seattle on the September 22nd.

In his speech, he put forward the ideas to strengthen the relations between the US and China. He submitted that the experts of both the countries should discuss the vital issues. He said that they got to be sure of each others plans and intentions and improve the win-win partnerships. He urged that the differences should be handled firmly and amicably and further the friendly relationships between the two peoples, announced Xinhua.

During his meet, he moved out to a cross-section of American society, discussing with businesspeople of both nations and touring a Boeing factory, the Microsoft head office, and a neighborhood high school.

Xi’s official talks to the US ended in the principal city of Washington. Upon his arrival in the capital on September 24, he had a three-hour-long friendly meeting with his US equivalent, Barack Obama. On September 25, Xi held ceremonious talks with Obama, met the journalists and had an official banquet. While discussing the welcoming ceremony, Xi emphasized China and the US “have no alternative but to seek win-win cooperation.”

The Chinese President Xi declared a six-point program for the advancement of China-US relations during talks with Obama, which he defined as “fruitful and valuable.” He also attended US Congressmen and joined a welcoming luncheon entertained by Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary of State John Kerry.

Xi’s visit bore productive outcomes. Ending his Official visit to the US, Xi reached in New York on September 26 for a series of UN’s important meetings and parleys upon the 70th jubilee of the founding of the world organization.

Xi spoke in the UN General Assembly, on the following topics. UN’s Sustainable Development Summit, a women’s affairs summit, and a peacekeeping summit; directed a South-South cooperation roundtable co-organized by China and the United Nations; and attended an exclusive luncheon on climate change. Via 

Xi described China’s views on global matters, asked for a new type of international relationships and declared a set of procedures in support of the UN and developing countries.

On the whole it may easily be said the world seems to be moving in a positive direction for the world peace and cooperation.


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