How to Actually Live in An Eco-friendly Way ?

Solar Decathlon is the most popular subject of the American Universities. As per the Dept Of Energy, students are asked to do something new. This time, the students have constructed homes that have surprised all.

Some have shown the superior system of using and saving water; some others have concentrated on providing fresh air to each and every room of the constructed home. The best homes were completed by the students of ‘City College of Technology’. They have used the solar panels. The adjacent houses in the vicinity got the supply of the electricity. Such homes constructed were in ‘Irwin’ in California. The pupils gave to the nation and the planet how to live sustainably. There the student showed to the media the advantage Of houses with solar panels. Visitors are surprised to see the concepts of innovation used by the pupils. It is certain that one day the homes will have the solar panels to meet the demand of electricity. The cost of construction would get inflated, but the savings will increase more.

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Credit: Thomas Kelsey/U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon

The University of Buffalo has used the concept of growing the vegetable within the indoor greenhouses. The demand for the fresh fruits and vegetables can easily be met.

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Credit: Thomas Kelsey/U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon

Orange County has successfully used the idea of vertical Garden to give the feeling of nearness to natural living. Similarly, the Crowder College and Doors University students have made the walls of the houses that are unaffected by the high winds. Also, they have made charging stations where solar energy gets used.


U.S Department of Energy has in its attempts has popularised the concept of energy- efficient products by the university students by choosing the following methods.
– To encourage the students to get into producing and designing revenue saving clean energy products.

– To make and demonstrate to the public readily available off the shelf systems that use renewable energy – efficient affordable houses and appliances.

– To generate employment for the students as the workforce in the renewable energy efficient systems.


Energy Solar Decathlon in the US got underway in 2002. It has interested 130 collegiate teams that have followed a many-sided path to study the needs for innovative and fabricating energy-efficient, solar-powered residences. Through its efforts, the department has commenced a global feature to save energy and also try only the green power generated. It established a worldwide name as an efficient instructional curriculum and created thousands of student jobs in the renewable energy systems. The Decathalon system got welcome in Europe, China, the Caribbean, South America and the Middle-East. It has been successful in the digitisation of the tools for harnessing clean energy solutions. Media in Electronic and print media gave far-reaching backing to the publicity to millions of the people around the world.


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