Did You Know About The Burning Man Festival ?

There are some countries where they celebrate festival similar to the Dussehra of India. They have their own rituals. The leading country amongst them is the USA, where they name it ‘Burning Man Festival’. Like in India, the observance has no relation to evil or good. The festival lasts for eight days, and the celebrations are purely meant to display free expression for any work a person does or likes.

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Here the people show to the world their art in thousands of different ways. It is not necessary that it may please the others. Therefore, they display different shapes and themes. Not only this the people don on different clothes. There are no rules; the show is about how you express and present yourself. All are free to express and demonstrate their creativity. The festival is meant to give and take, and reciprocate ideas. The fiesta takes place in the last week of August and extends over to the first week of September each year since 1986.

Burning Man is a week-long union of independently established art, music, show and parties, centering on the liberty of self-expression and a universal spirit of fellowship, all ending in the Saturday twilight firing of a 40 foot raised, wicker-style dummy.

The temporary site occupies a Pentagon of land reached by the 12 mile Playa passage point; the boundary is just over one mile from the roadway. Erection of the interim town, known as Black Rock City. It typically commences about 40 days prior to the celebration. It starts at the end of August (the week preceding Labor Day), and at the finish all edifices are lifted and every scrap of scattering separated so that no sign continues 30 days later – a condition controlled by the BLM who give permission for the function to complete.

The carnival has grown much since its 1986 beginning as a private summertime solstice party on Baker Beach in San Francisco, leading to the Black Rock site in 1990. Although Burning Man is still relatively serene, in keeping with its early days – all day boozing, dope taking, loud music, and nudity are all commonplace.
The festival is costly to enter (tickets charge between $200 and $400 per person). It has a long list of directions such as no vending, no video cameras unless with written permission, no driving once on site (except for mutant art vehicles), no pets, no fireworks, and no leaving of the site once inside, unless paying extra for a one-time exit pass. <http://www.americansouthwest.net/nevada/black-rock-desert/index.html>.Via

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Photo Credit: Dainik Bhaskar

A wooden structure, visible from far away in the open field and burnt on the last day. That signifies the end of the celebration. The festival well known as the Festival of Fire. A small ‘Black Rock City’ is built. One has to purchase a ticket for $ 385 to become the member. There were 66000 visitors in the last year. One person spends on the average of $ 1000. People remain in merry go round mood.

The festival got started by three friends in 1986 Larry Harvey, John Law and Jerry James on the San Francisco’s Baker coast. At that time, they had burnt 9 feet tall effigy. Since then the tradition of model burning has continued. Besides the US, other countries follow the ritual are: South Africa, Newzealand, Australia, Spain, South Korea, Israel, Japan, Sweden, and Canada follow the effigy burning

South Africa also Has such a festival:

‘Africa Burn’ is celebrated in Stonehenge Farm, Tankwa Town, Karoo. The effigy gets burnt here. There is a large field in the desert, where, different shapes are visible. There they have the theme of Creative Expression along with music, dance, colourful camp, odd-shaped vehicles, and dramatic and plays make the show highly entertaining.

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Photo Credit: Dainik Bhaskar

The yearly African take on the Burning Man festival spans a seven day period of art, music, performance and creative experience.


Mid Burn depicts Aggressiveness in Israel:

Aggressiveness is revealed in the such a festival in Israel that got started in 2013. That is the first-ever celebration in the middle east where they burn the effigy in the month of October.

‘Burning Japan’ ceremony lasts for three days in Japan:  

The burning festival continues for three days of October in Yamanashi city of Japan. The theme known as ‘Jump out of reality.’ Japanese culture and dishes get the main attractions.

‘Korea Burn’ is celebrated in South Korea: 

In July, the festival is celebrated on the sands of the Cheungpo island. People enjoy the shape and burn the wooden structure


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