What this, Wonderful ‘Slack App’ A New Medium of Dialogue !

The large companies of the world have commenced and use the software of ‘Slack’ for the interoffice chat. People raise two questions about the Company. First, whether the 21 months old company has a real income of $ 2.78 billion. Second, whether ‘Slack’ would change the way the world is working.

The first question has an easy answer. ‘Slack’ is expanding at a very fast rate and since the beginning of February 2014. The company has 1.7 million daily users that use the company’s services that include giants like: Venture Capital Companies, Air BNB, Buzzfeed, and Blue Bottle Comcast of Fortune 500, Walmart, Nasa, and Foreign Office also uses the ‘Slack’. Other well-known giants using Slack are: DowJones, Spotify, Sony, Nasa, Pinterest, Ebay, AOL, SolarCity, Harvard, Expedia, Ogilvy and Mather, KamCast.

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Slack in its early days was no different from the great ‘Instant Messenger’. It keeps all the comments searchable in the archives safely. These messages will not come in the message inbox. Steve Butterfield, CEO says he wants to increase the business more than the Facebook. The social networking company earned 12.35 billion in 2014. Slack is on the way to make $ 44 million this year. But Steve Butterfield wants that ‘Slack’ makes the same money in 10 years that Microsoft made in the last twenty years.

Slack, an ambitious conference app created by Flickr co-founder Stewart Butterfield, is one of the fastest expanding marketing apps out there. Slack is a centralized organization. It has the conversation program for the companies. With its excellent research and file-sharing functionalities, it can also be associated to third-party apps, like Google Drive, Dropbox, and Twitter.

In just six months following its official launch, Slack has been able to get over 125,000 participating users and 13,000 existing teams, as per its freshest statement issued on the last Tuesday. In the present era, the company wants to get the software of firms like Smartphone, Cloud. According to the research firm Gartner, the software companies around the world will spend over $ 3 trillion on the information technology. Some part of this money will get spent on program like the ‘Slack.’

Can Slack change the way to work in the companies? Some people think that Slack will annihilate email. The easier way to dialogue makes it better than email. This program creates a separate channel for the exchange. Some channels will have the information technology group; other may have the marketing people. Like Facebook, if someone wants to alert you, then like Facebook, on the message he can tag your name. You can see your associate’s message at the same time or can get in touch or contact him later on.

The producer of Slack says that such a software ensures the transparency. How will you learn when you were unable to attend the meeting about why a particular decision got taken? That way the office will have generated the doubt and confusion. The app Slack explains the employees why and how of a decision.

The company is working on the ” Do not disturb” feature in the program. The employees will not be disturbed during the night hours from ten pm till eight am in the morning, ensuring message get delayed in the Slack messenger and delivered after the do not disturb hours are over.

Every new system has the some undesirable results. Take for example the Slack’s searchable archives, every dialogue of employees is saved and recorded. Slack has such a setting that is different from the ordinary corporate environment. Employees used to exchange of Imoge medium will not be able to adjust in Slack’s milieu.


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