See How In The World Diseases Get Cured By Pranayama

The scientific proofs have increased to prove that stress can easily get controlled through natural and effectual breathing through the nose. The research has shown that profound and slow breathing has the beneficial effect on the health.

Dr. Andrew Weil, head of Integrative Medicine center of Arizona Univesity says that many researchers can not imagine as to why and how the simple method of breathing effect the body. Through the breathing exercise, one can control the blood pressure. The arteries become supple and flexible. The nervous system becomes active. Dr. Weil and the other specialists believe that deep breathing exercise should bee included in the treatment

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Photo Credit: Dainik Bhaskar.

Professor Luciano Bernardi of Medicine says that in many areas of medical science the control of breathing must be used beneficially for the treatment.

This natural and remarkable remedy can be seen to be effective. Slow and deep breathing exercise can improve the capacity to drill for the heart patients.

The Advantages of Breathing Exercise:

  • Dr. Luciano Bernardi of Pavia University, Italy says that by slow and deep  breathing(Pranayama) the brain activity is revitalized to treat the stress and depression.
  •  If insomnia patients practice the slow breathing for 20 minutes before sleep, they will dose off to sleep with the lesser awakening in the sleep.
  • By observation, it got noticed that the practice of alternate nostril breathing the blood pressure reduces.
  • By slow breathing the level of oxygen increases many times in the body. By repeating slow breathing many times during the day, the oxygen consumption gets increased by 37%.
  • In one observation, it got noticed that active women group who practiced Yoga with breathing exercises twice in eight weeks had lesser restlessness or less ill at ease.
  • In another study, 30 minutes of slow breathing exercise brought down the high BP of patients.


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