You Need to Know How They found the Woman Who Shot Their Engagement Photo

Engagement Photo

A newly-engaged couple was able to pursue down the woman who took the photo of their betrothal, after their search to find their “adorable” photo went viral. They later discerned that a woman in the corner of one of their engagement photos had taken the perfect shot of the proposal.

Katie Mascenik and Joe Duarte first met in a gym. They were athletes and joined to run together. The pair got introduced while coaching fitness classes at their local YMCA in New Jersey. They started dating in April 2012 after beginning to go on runs together. They’ve since run three marathons concurrently and had plenty of meetings means, courtship. Both of them completed three marathons together but this time Katty had not participated.

Recently they were in New York Marathon when Joe thought of to settle in his life. The bride-to-be told that she had no inkling that her boyfriend was thinking about proposing when she joined up with him at mile 17 of the marathon.

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Courtesy: Katie Mascenik

She said that Duarte had informed her he was going to put the proposal in January. When he got the chance to discover her through the race, she got little concerned. When the marathon had crossed the 77th street and the First Avenue, Katty in a relaxed mood, was amongst the crowd to cheer the runners. After some time when Joe came, he dropped down to one knee and pulled an engagement ring out of a zipper pocket in his shorts and proposed her. Katty had hoped that he would propose her but not in the pleasant way he did it. Mascenik said yes to his proposal; they kissed, and he ran away.  She guessed the entire interaction took only 30 seconds. At that moment, a memorable photo was taken by someone unknown.

Soon after the marathon, Mascenik uploaded this picture — taken by the mom of a fellow athlete and a colleague of the couple — to with the comments so that someone on social media will be able to track down the mystery person.

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Courtesy: Katie Mascenik

Another friend got a video of the big moment, which shows that the elusive photographer was a young woman in a gray vest. The people present there clapped and complimented them. Someone amongst the group there took their memorable photographs of the happening there.

These were the happy & notable moments for Kattie, and she did like Joe. She accepted the proposal at once. Both of them left that place. By and by their photograph got viral on the social media. Their friends informed them about their photo, of the latest in the web world. They thanked the unknown photographer who saved and preserved those moments and wrote on their Facebook page that if someone knows about the cameraman, they should share the information.

ABC News reported about Duarte and Mascenik’s quest to find their “perfect” engagement photo on Tuesday, and on Wednesday evening, the bride-to-be heard back from Val Ferrara, the mystery woman. Via


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