You See In The world, Successful People Spend The Day In A Different Way

Robin Sharma

Robin Sharma has been a private coach of successful entrepreneurs like Elon Musk. Via  and Mark Zuckerberg. Via.

He has seen that these energetic men can finish in a single week the amount of work done by others in months. Their working style is somewhat like as follows:



elon musk








Photo Credits: From left: Robin Sharma-Wikipedia,  Middle: : Mark Zuckerberg and PM Modi –      Right: Elon Musk


Formula 20/20/20: 

Start with getting ready for the day taking sixty minutes to keep yourselves active. Working harder and sweating much in workouts means lesser trouble during the examination or the competition. In the first 20 minutes, exercise vigorously taking long and deep breaths. Doing so means that dopamine and serotonin get secreted, and one feels fresh and happy throughout the day.In the next twenty minutes, review the annual plan made and think deeply of your quarterly goals and achievements. In the last 20 minutes learn something new and invest in learning from the great men of the past. Read their autobiographies or hear leadership podcasts.

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter chemical and hormone released in the brain, and it motivates us to take action toward goals, desires, and needs and gives a surge of reinforcing pleasure when achieving them. Procrastination, self-doubt, and lack of enthusiasm get associated with lessening amount of dopamine. Researchers have shown with its lower levels of dopamine the level of hunger reduces and higher level would increase. Practically, to increase dopamine level can be increased by rewarding for small achievements celebration. It may be increased or maintained at a higher level by paying for smaller goals. It will keep the moral and output at a higher level to achieve higher motives and productivity.

Serotonin hormones get produced whenever one feels important or high. Isolation and desperation get experienced if serotonin is gone. That is why antidepressants are popular in the western world as findings of Princeton neuroscientist Barry Jacobs. Gratitude meetings program get followed in both past and the modern way of thinking to get serotonin up. It is good to reflect on past victories and achievements so that moral remains high. Another way to boost the serotonin level is to have exposure to the sun for a while.


Rule 90/90:

In the next ninety days invest your ninety minutes daily in achieving your most important aim. If you can apply yourself without any mistake or faults in the plan everything else will fall in order automatically.

Method 60/10:

Researchers have proved that the top athletes are made best not by the results they produce,  but the element of the ‘work-rest’ ratio. Therefore put on a timer for 60 minutes and remain away from the modern age gadgets like smartphone, computer, etc. and keep the door closed and dive deeper into the most important project. Right after that walk f0r 10 minutes or listen to the sweet music or delve into the activity, you enjoy the most and then slide back into the present.

Circle of Genius:

According to the behavioural scientists, if we spend time with people, the ideas, and emotions that we believe, then we become like the person or the company we keep. The best thing is to join or befriend the active group of your liking and achieve your goal.


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