New in the Social Media 1) Innovation 2) Unusual Photo 3) Latest on the Selfie Stick


1) Innovation

In September (2015) last, meteorite rocks or stones were found in the village of Saricicek, in Bingol province of Turkey.  The meteorite rocks/stones were of different sizes. The local people used these stones as gems and made jewelry items. They have earned around $355,000. One of them Hassan Beldek (30), after persuasion from his mother-in-law, went out to search for the stones from the Heavens. He did locate a stone weighing close to 1.5 kgs. When he went to the market, he got the offer of US $120,000 but turned down the proposal. He believes that much higher price would be easily procurable for these meteorite stone. Beldek had initially found small pieces and later on he searched and found a bigger piece of the meteorite of larger than a man’s fist size. He along with his brothers, will shortly start a pastry shop in Istanbul. Via 

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photo credit: Dainik Bhaskar.

These pieces of meteorite have materially improved the lives of many people. The profits out of the selling the meteorite made some people purchase cars and houses. The meteorite stones were quoted a price at $ 60 per gram.  On learning about Beldek, the people have begun to explore the area more thoroughly. Dealers and Collecters’ believe the price for this stone is at a much higher than the offered one.

2) Interesting Photo

The Helicopters’ photograph below flying together is getting shared on the social media and especially on the Facebook. Who uploaded it for the first time is not known, but its tagging has the perfect timing. The veracity of the snap is not confirmed. Even then the users have accepted it as a fantastic photo shoot. We can recognize there are different kinds and classes, sizes of the machines depicted. All of them are in various flying mode. The photo has generated many jokes and quotes on the social media.

Screen shot 2015-11-21 at 5.14.40 PM

Photo Credit: Dainik Bhaskar.


3) Newer look at the Selfie Sticks the World Over

Can you think of new ways the modern gadgets can make us change the lifestyle? Yes, they do. The latest addition is from Russia. Unwanted incidences for selfie stick users have been facing unpleasantness of expensive mobiles getting stolen and increased attacks on the tourists. In short the users get marked out as tourists and are prone to get robbed by the bad elements. In such situations, the self-defence will help the selfie stick users.

Daria Lapshina of the M-Profi Martial Arts Center has started giving lessons in self-defence for selfie stick users.The training is named MPD fight or Monopod- fight. The organizers insist that it is useful against practitioners of fighting, grappling, diverse combative skills and other types of fighting. It is more efficient than boxing, wrestling, or martial arts systems. The training capsule gets completed in five small sessions.

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Photo credit:

In past few years,  the use of selfie stick has increased considerably for getting a better and detailed view. The stick adds to the arm’s length to capture more area. Because the stick obstructs the view of the others, it increases the conflict and dispute amongst the crowds. Disney has banned and did not permit the use of the stick in its parks all over the world. Disney policy declares that for the fondness of any gadget should not the cause trouble or make others uneasy and uncomfortable at any time. Many countries have banned its use in the soccer grounds and also other sports activities.

PARIS – “Selfie sticks” have now been banned at a French palace and a British museum, joining a growing list of global tourist attractions to take such measures.The devices are used to improve snapshots, but critics say they are obnoxious and potentially dangerous. Officials at Palace of Versailles outside Paris and Britain’s National Gallery in London announced the bans Wednesday, saying they need to protect artworks and other visitors.Via 


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