You See, Awesome Walnuts and Their Valuable and Incredible Uses

Popularly it is well known that few nuts a day keep you healthy. Eaten after ripening the seed is neither sweet or salty. The husk is removed showing lined shell formed in two ( or three occasionally) parts, somewhat looks like the human brain. As the walnut approaches ripening, The covering will grow fragile and the shell strong. The shell includes the fruit or flesh, which is usually made up of two halves parted by a separation.walnuts

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The grain kernels – usually ready as shelled walnuts – are enclosed in a brown seed coat that contains antioxidants. The antioxidants guard the oil-rich seed against necessary oxygen, thereby blocking rancidity ( gone wrong or unsafe)

Walnuts are slow to mature leaflets, typically not until more than midway throughout the spring. They discharge elements into the earth to check competing weeds from sprouting. Because of this, flowers or vegetable gardens should not be planted close to them.
Eat the walnut as natural or in a crushed form to get the benefits of its consumption as per research health research director Carol Berg Sloan at California Walnut Commission. It has multifunction to improve on all sides 1. Control of the bad cholesterol or reduce the LDL Cholesterol, balance the blood control thus monitor and improve the heart health. It is said to improve hair and skin health.

Specialists recommend there are a plenty of health benefits to drive from eating just a some of walnuts every day. Consume them as they are or toss them into a smoothie; top your breakfast cereal with crushed walnuts or make a lovely curry with walnut paste dressing — there are a plenty of ways you can and should include them in your diet, according to Sloan.“Over two decades of reported analysis shows that eating walnuts can change several heart health markers. For example, consuming nuts can lessen total cholesterol, raise HDL (good) cholesterol, decrease swelling and show marked enhancement in arterial function. Having walnuts has been shown to be beneficial in helping stabilise blood sugar levels in older adults and reduce the number and size of tumours in breast and prostate cancer in animal models,” she says, while admitting that, “much more research will benefit larger consumers.”


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Interestingly, current studies also show that a daily intake of walnuts can go a long way in improving potency levels in men — a growing concern these days. “A research project from the University of California at Los Angeles showed that walnuts added to the Western-style diet followed by healthy, young men can improve sperm parameters of intensity, motility, and morphology, which are all clinical pointers of male virility,” she elaborates. She adds that one of the major challenges they faced during the study was finding men to join in the group that didn’t eat walnuts!

Shooting down the myth that walnuts might not be all that great for those looking to curtail their fat intake, Sloan explains, “Current dietary broad recommendations emphasise consuming less saturated fat and more unsaturated fat. Walnuts rich in polyunsaturated fat and are also very satiating to make you feel fuller and therefore, more apt to eat less.”

While the benefits of eating walnuts are many, the frequency of intake matters too.The options are endless. Regarding size, though, she recommends sticking to a serving size of 30 to 80 grams. Sloan recommends consuming a serving of walnuts every day. “It’s better than eating a huge bowl in one sitting. The thing about walnuts is they can get included in just about any dish and fit any cultural food. Blend them into your regular smoothies, bake them into bread, use them as toppings or use the walnut meal to coat your fish and poultry, sprinkle chopped walnuts on your salads or just eat them as a mid-morning or afternoon snack. 

Non-food applications

Medicinal: It is believed to cure cancer, but lack any clinical proof.
Inks and dyes: The husks of walnut Juglans are used to make writing ink and drawing.  Famous artists and painter used the ink so made because the ink lasts for very long period.


It is best to store them below 25degree centigrade. Sloan does caution that these nuts have a shelf life and how one stores them is important. “They are the only tree nuts high in polyunsaturated fat and, therefore, omega three fatty acids; because of this, they should be stored in a refrigerator or freezer. Walnuts go stale when opened to warm temperatures for extended stretches of time. Warmth causes the fat in walnuts to change the composition, which creates smells and sour tastes,” she says.

Uses in Chinese culture

In China, pairs of walnuts have traditionally been rotated and played within the palm of the hand, both as a means to stimulate blood circulation and as a status symbol. Pairs of large, old and symmetrically shaped walnuts are valued highly and have recently been used as an investment, with some of them fetching tens of thousands of dollars. Pairs of walnuts are sometimes sold in their green husks for a form of gambling known as du he tao. Via



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