UAE Shows the Innovative Way How to Remain Healthy

Remain Healthy

Dubai has established itself principally on the tourist map of the world. Many new initiatives and new schemes have got launched. The main amongst these is the scheme to reward for keeping fit and healthy in UAE. The health department in the Dubai Administration has hand shaken hands with private companies to implement this policy. Understandingly, it is believed that the people, in general, will get encouraged and will become aware for the family to remain health conscious and fit.

The new policy is getting all the attention and social media, roadside posters. The campaign promotes the idea that if you have started to follow the plan then do get in contact touch with the concerned office of the Administration to get the reward.

Dr. Haider  Al Yousuf says that the citizen would get the information what to eat and what not to eat. They will be explained to exercise in the morning and educate the children for the said scheme. All this is because the 60 percent local people are in general overweight, is cause a to worry. The local population working with any corporate house has taken this seriously.

Photo: Getty Images. Fast foods have got blamed for the obesity in the Gulf

The new scheme, a connection between the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and private companies, will enable people to accumulate points when they eat healthily or take action. Those points will then get turned into a kind of bonuses. “For the initial time in the country, the DHA is all set to use a style change tool to promote healthy eating patterns and urge citizens to exercise,” says Dr Haidar al-Yousuf, head of health funding at the authority. Increased obesity rates have been causing anxiety in the United Arab Emirates, with one recent study finding that more than 60% of the grown-up people is overweight.

The scheme will be accessible to everyone as it’s connected to Dubai’s new compulsory health protection system. Residents will have an online record where their bonus points will accumulate, with health apps and other technology being used to include participation and compensation. “If somebody uses the gym three times a week, the data from the gym that got enrolled in this programme will let us know how active the user has been and how many points he should get,” says Dr al-Yousuf.

Dubai had tried a host of various schemes to improve the community health in the past, including rewarding people with gold when they dropped weight. Earlier this month, one major bank uncovered a new account which contributes greater interest rates for those who drill, with the account linked to a pedometer app.


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