You See What Happened to the Dispute on the Accuracy of a Viral Video

Paige Yore of Pueblo, Colorado had purchased some items at the Walmart retail outlet. She shared her conversation with the Cashier on her Facebook page. Her video went viral. Since last Friday, she got viewed over 25.3 million times and got over 35 thousand likes and about 880000 shared it. The retail company Walmart said nothing like that had ever happened; she (Yore) was only lying. The controversy has blown out of proportion.

Yore says that I had lined up to make the payment when I noticed that the Cashier could not perform his job properly. He had some problem. Perhaps this guy did not remember the codes and was breathing heavily. She felt like asking him to as to what had happened to him as he looked very depressed and dejected. At that moment, the woman ahead of her clashed with the Cashier because there was no credit left in her account as per the credit card. She got angry with him on this, saying he did not know his job. Paige Yore intervened and told the other woman the Cashier was not at fault, but it was her’s. How and why was he blamed when there was no balance in her account?

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On her turn in the queue, Yore before to the payment, consoled and hugged the Cashier and enquired him what was wrong with him and what had happened to him? At that instance, the Cashier explained that his Mother had passed away that morning, and to pay the rent he had to come for the job.

Yore wrote in her post why does the love, kindness and humility is depleting amongst us. She got comments on the post where her work got applauded that she did a good job. Many people offered to help the Cashier. Walmart said nothing of that type happened and that their spokesperson found that the mother of the said Cashier was alive and healthy.

In another post, the comment put was that Yore is dishonest and a mendacious. She is a liar and often tells lies. Yore disclosed that many hateful emails were received and threatened to kill her. She says that she did not reveal all that to get fame but to spread a message to Love. She gave the tragic circumstances about the confrontation for the Walmart Cashier whose Mother had just committed suicide. She hoped of encouraging those around to be more sympathetic about everyone’s confidential private strife.

In a touching video posted to Facebook on Friday, Paige Yore, 25, says she observed a shopper rebuking the young Store Cashier for being sluggish until the boy burst down in tears and told that his Mom had sacrificed herself just hours before his duty began.

‘I’m in downtown Pueblo at this Walmart, waiting in line for like, 20 minutes. And this junior cashier, 16, maybe. He’s having difficulty, he can’t ring anything up, can’t retain the codes, he’s taking deep breaths,’ explains Paige in the clip, which got viewed more than 20 million times.


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