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A severe headache can be cured easily by mixing dry ginger in milk. Mix one-fourth teaspoon of ginger powder in milk. By experience, this mixture proves to be the best medicine for a headache.

A severe headache can be cured easily by mixing dry ginger in milk. Mix one-fourth teaspoon of ginger powder in milk. By experience, this mixture proves to be the best medicine for a headache.


Take two tablespoons of ginger juice and mix honey in it. Have it twice in the morning and the evening. It will treat coryza and other breath related diseases.


Asthma gets cured within seven days with the help of ginger. Take long pepper, rock salt with ginger juice prior going to bed, this is a definite cure for asthma.


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Place a piece of ginger between the teeth and it will give immediate relief.


Pour 2 to 5 drops of the warm juice into the ear and relief will be there.
Nasal Catarrh: Warm up two teaspoons of ginger juice and mix honey about the same quantity and gulp it down that will take care of the cold and cough. The swelling of the mucous membrane will subside and be all right soon., the excessive discharge of the mucous should stop within a day or so.

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There is evident relief in case of pneumonia when given the ginger juice along with old buttermilk.


Mix dry ginger juice and nut grass(atees) and make a concoction of it, which is highly useful for digestion, of mango products, take with warm water. Quantity to take 500mg to 2 grams.



Photo Credit: Wikipedia -Ginger plant Diarrhea:

Take dry ginger, nut grass and Tinospora cardi folia,( called by the common names Heart-leaved Moonseed, Guduchi and Giloy).
And make a concoction with water. The mixture is to take daily in the morning and evening. It will sharpen brain and treats constipation and diarrhea.


Take Tinospora cardi folia, Atees, dry ginger and nut grass in equal portion and prepare concoction. You need to take 20-25 ml daily and see the good results.


a) Take two gms of ginger with butter oil or just dry ginger powder with moderately warm water, in the morning. It acts as an incentive and enhances the hunger.
b) take chutney of ginger and salt before having a meal. It purifies the tongue, and throat and heightens the hunger and strengthen the heart.
c) Ginger pickle arouses the desire to eat.


If there is suspicion of indigestion in the morning take Harada( terminnala chebula), dry ginger and rock salt, mix and have little less in the quantity of meal for lunch & dinner.


1) The mixture of dry ginger + fumitory (pittapapra) treats fever, increase the hunger and douse nausea for food. Take 5-10 gms daily.

2) Dry ginger, ‘Chirayta’ (absinthe)”nagar motha’ and ‘guruch’ mix also gives the same results.

Stomach ailments:

Dry ginger, myrobalan (haritki), Belleric myrobalan(baheda) emblic myrobalan(aola), take all in equal proportion. Mix cow butteroil Sesamum indicum(til) around two and a half kgs, curd residue two and a half kg, and mix all well. Later fill it and take 10-20 gms in morning and evening, which treats all stomach related ailments( problems).


  • Take celery seeds( ajwain) black salt, dry ginger and harda (Terminalia chebula)in equal amount, quantity around 250 500 mi. It is an excellent treatment for indigestion; It also flames the slow fire (Agni) for the digestion system.
  • Mix 10-20 grams of ginger juice, with an equal amount of lemon juice, which also treats indigestion.


Mix 10 ml of ginger juice and the same quantity of onion juice, the mixture shall have the beneficial effect.


Mix candy in 2 spoons full juice of ginger and take in morning and evening that gives relief in the diabetic problem.

Pain due to Piles:

Take ‘Durabha’ and patha (velvetleaf) pulp of vel and velvet leaf, celery seeds( ajwain) or dry ginger and velvet leaf, make any of this combination to get relief from piles pain.


Take dry ginger, the root of kateli and gokhru(teasal) all 2-2 grams, 10 grams of ‘gur’ mix with 250 gms of milk. Boil and take in the morning and evening that treats strangury disease.


Take 10-20 gms of ginger juice, and mix with two spoons of honey, that treats a hernia.


Take ginger, ‘trifa’ and gur mix all well and take for the treatment of disease.


Take dry ginger, khas,  bilvagiri, motha, coriander (dhania), mochras and netrabala, and prepare a concoction of it, that is very beneficial for the disease.

Take coriander and dry ginger, both ten gms, and make a mixture of it.take in morning and evening, that treats forever the pain and diarrhea.

Drink the dry ginger and ‘indrajao’ powder with water, in which rice got boiled. When the powder gets digested, take ‘changari’ ‘takra’ ‘ draim’ juice.


Prepare concoction of ‘anshumati’ and make with 640 grams of milk. Add 80 gms of candy. Likewise, e make a mixture of dry ginger and pipali20 grams and take twice a day; that is beneficial for the disease.

Neuralgia or Nerve pain(vaat shul)

Prepare a concoction of dry ginger, erandumul and add hing and ‘cauvarchanal’. It gives relief in neuralgia.

Hydro related diseases:

Take dry ginger, pipali ‘jamalghota root, ‘chitrak mul’ and ‘baividang’, mix them all well. Take Myrobalan (haritiki) powder, double of the amount and take this mix 3-6 grams in morning and evening with warm water.

Add dry ginger, long pepper, pan pippali, chose Kateri, chitrak pool, haldi and jeera motha, in equal amount. Filter it and take this mixture two gms with moderately warm water, three times in a day.

Make ginger juice 10-20 gms mix with gur, and drink in the morning. It treats all hydro-related diseases. But the milk should be that of a goat only.


With the concoction of dry ginger, take black salt, the hing and dry ginger mixture. It treats all types of body pain. In constipation take with the barley concoction.

Joint Pain:

Take one kg of ginger juice, mix with 500 gms of til oil. Boil the mixture till the mixture turns into an oily state. Filter it with the help of the cloth. Massage the portion of the body aching & notice that there will be immediate relief.

Thirst in Fever: (jawar Trisha)

Take dry ginger, ‘pittappapra’,  ‘nagarmotha’, Khas, lalchandan, and saugandh bela in equall quantity and prepare a concoction of it. Take in small quantit, which douses thrist. It is beneficial for the patient who feels thristy during fever.


Dry ginger, ‘madar leaf’, ‘adusa leaf’, nishod, big cardamom, and ‘kundru’, mix all in equal quantity and prepare a paste, in the alkaline water of ‘palash’and cow urine. Put the paste on the body of and sit outside in the sun, till it dries. The treatment is helpful for the leprosy patient.


Mix six grams of ginger juice with an equal quantity of honey and take 3-4 times a day.

Typhus fever:

Take ‘trikut’ black salt, and ginger juice in the morning and evening, which is beneficial in typhus fever.

Sharir daitya:

In typhus, when the body turns cold, massage with a mixture of ginger and garlic juice. It gives warmth to the body.



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