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First  Lady Michelle Obama College Video Rap Goes Viral (VIDEO)

Michelle Obama, the first US lady, keeps herself busy to be in touch with the ordinary folks by spending time for various social works. She encourages and promotes education amongst school going kids saying that they would become good human being if they continue their studies.

Recently she made a musical video “Go to College” In this video she is singing and dancing. In the said video’s location ‘White House’ is also depicted in the background. The message is clear for the youth, to continue their education by going to college after the high school.

The video got uploaded on the December 10th, 2015. It got viewed for more than 1.198million times with 27500 likes.

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The message is to go ahead and complete the education in a college. Watch Michelle Obama Rap to Promote College Education:


Each Employee gets one hundred thousand as the Christmas Bonus:

Hilcorp Energy has declared a very powerful  Announcement of giving its each employee a sum of six-figure  100000 dollars as the 2015 Christmas Bonus, no matter wherever placed and the Christmas holidays. The company shall spend 1.381 billion for the said bonus. Reddit user put it as the best company and gave 5895 trading point, and the company maintains the top position.

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Hilcorp inspires and encourages the employees and induces the employees to work as owners of the enterprise. All the performances get widely circulated. The company rewards all employees on achieving a target.

Hilcorp Energy

The company is an enterprise built on power production and will proceed to secure success by stimulating individually, paying the representatives, being excellent corporate subjects and doing the best thing.


This River is Famous For Moutain Climbing

Here is a photo of Kanlaob river and Canyon, Cebu, in the Philippines that passes through the mountains. The crystal clear water in Sun makes it unique. A photographer has Warren J C included this photo in his album with the category of Adventure.

Screen shot 2016-01-10 at 3.20.09 PM


The shot got 131111 likes, barely in just four hours. According to Warren, the river Kenloab attracts climbers because there are tall and thick rocks. Nearby there is waterfall Kawasan well known for its beauty.


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