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 The Laughter Show’s host and Singer Adele hit Video 

The famous host of the ‘Late, late show’ the laughter host James Carden, is also an Actor, Writer, Comedian, and Producer. His show is viewed and liked more as the host of the laughter show. Recently, he was at his London home. He asked the well-known singer Adele Laari to be ready to be picked up for a drive around in London – singing some of her classic songs before Adele raps Nicki Minaj’s “Monster.” He asked her to sing the famous song titled ‘Monster’ and is shooting a video for her songs. Adel songs last for 14:51 and laughs heartily in her performance, all while zooming around in the suburbs. Her manner and demeanour have got 19.3million views in just two days and 340000 likes.

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Photo credit: Dainik Bhaskar

Enjoy  the  video link


Mobile manufacturers will get fined heavily: “Reddit.”

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Many companies in the US sell locked smartphones. These phones when used, work on the companies own network and programs. Very soon a law is about to be passed whereby all these companies will have to sell unlocked mobile phones. The companies or the vendors will get heavy fines for not following the ruling. The subscribers are happy to note this new rule as the Companies and the Network owners were selling the locked in phones so far.

The subscribers are pleased to note this new rule as the Companies and the Network owners who were selling the locked in phones and fleecing will be at the receiving end. Once the law is enforced, after 01 January 2016, Apple and Google would have to pay $ 2400 for each locked phone.

With 5484 trending points and on inclusion in the list of ‘Hot Trend’ the post has got more than 1500 comments. The idea of the law is to stop the high-handedness of the companies so that the officials will no longer have to ask for any info every time in any incident needing investigation.


Dancing Speaker will make the Computer desk smart with no wires 


American company “ThinkGeek” has made the excellent speakers. The blue tooth device is suitable for the desktop and laptop.
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Photo credit: Dainik Bhaskar.

It has the remarkable effect, and the motion is of grand style. As the music tunes vary, different styles multi-colored LEDs will light up to dance. Half portion of the speakers remain transparent and colorless show multicolor LED effect. The blue tooth device provides immediate connectivity while no wires are seen thus making the desk look very smart


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