Can You See Here, Appreciate the Wonderful Health Benefits of Jaggery?


There are many benefits of Jaggery (GUD). It has lots of minerals: iron, calcium & vitamins.It saves from plenty of ailments and at the same time treats them as well. Let us get the info.


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1. The GUD makes the digestive system healthier if regularly taken after the meals. The digestive track gets stronger with its regular intake. It cures constipation and indigestion.

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2. Because of iron content in gud, it is useful and takes care of anemia. It increases the HB and purifies the blood. Therefore, enhances immunity level.

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3. Arthritis patients can melt gud and mix with roasted ginger powder. Have it in the mornings and evenings the joint pain along with inflammation will reduce and disappear forever.

4. Asthmatic patients should mix gud 15 grams with mustard oil 15 grams; taken together, will give immediate relief to a cough and also make the lungs stronger and healthier in due course.

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5. If you have dandruff or hair are falling off, then mix water and 10-15 gms of gud and melt to make a thick mixture. Apply it to the scalp and the roots of the hair. After half an hour wash the hair. Dandruff will go away, and hair will stop falling. Over time, the application will make the hair thick, shiny, soft, and long.

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6. There are many minerals in the gud, by having it on a regular basis, the skin remains healthy and young, the wrinkles do not appear at an early stage, and acne and pimples fade away and remain controlled.

7. For women during the periods, the stomach and the associated cramps problems fade away, no longer bother them.

8. For men, take a mixture of the gooseberry (amla) powder in the melted gud. It would increase the sperm quantity and quality improve tremendously. The weakness of the body, if any goes off.

9. You will be surprised to note that instead adding sugar, mix gud in your beverages, it will help in reducing weight. By having the gud, the water retention is not there. The metabolism rate increases, both of these factors are useful in remaining fit and slim.

10. The use of gud strengthens the nervous system and as a result, the memory boosts.

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11. Having a chunk of gud regularly the blood pressure always remains in control.

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12. Cold in winters fades away on regularly taking the gud. Having gud in summers right after drinking water will save one from the effect of the loo.

13. You will get immediate relief from hiccups if you mix gud with ginger powder and take in a small portion.

14. Having Gud-Sesame Laddu on a regular basis will get one rid of the problem of frequent urination.

15. If your skin is dry, then mix 15-20 gms of gud in the water in the bucket. The mixture’s application will do away with the dryness and moisture content of skin is reinstated.

Screen shot 2016-02-03 at 3.35.47 PM16. If you are suffering from insomnia then having a little gud with cream and drink water, ensures a good nights sleep.


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