Here is How To Cure Bad Breath

Bad Breath

Bad breath may be there because of the following reasons. First, significant gum disease. Second, the stench emitted through from the mouth by the stomach due to gastrointestinal problems.

 Third, serious illnesses such as tuberculosis, cancer, syphilis, dehydration, and zinc dehydration may be the cause. There is a possibility of some drugs like penicillamine, and lithium also causes the bad breath.

Bad breath

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It is quite often that you might have felt that the other person has foul smelling breath. It may be the case with you as well. Verify that by breathing heavily into your palm and if it has a foul smell, you may be in trouble. Use floss and sniff it to establish if the smell is bad. 

  1. Avoid spicy meats:  As the oil content in delicate meats leave a bad smell up to 24 hours.
  2. The dairy products such as Roquefort, Camembert, and blue cheese or blue cheese leave a strong foul smell in the digestive system.
  3. Fresh, delicate meats breath more than 24 hours after their intake and cause the foul smell to the eater. It is best to avoid them in time.
  4. The fishes like – anchovies and tuna leave a strong stench, therefore, avoid them.
  5. Drinks such as whiskey, beer, wine coffee leave a residue that can stick to the plaque that influences the digestive system. Every breath will scatter particles of the drinks taken back into the air. So better be careful.
  6. Take a toothbrush. Foods eaten have in them the bacteria living or dead. They leave a film on the plaque, sticky but soft; it may cling to the lining of the teeth, gum or tongue. It is suggested to brush the teeth after each meal and to wash off such film of plaque giving off smells and odors.
  7. Clean your mouth out:  Swish your mouth with water after each meal. One may wonder to note that flushing by water, the teeth will keep your mouth safe from odors and smells as recommended by Jerry F.Taintor, D.D.S. Director of Endodontics at the University of Tennessee.
  8. Scrub your Tongue: It is necessary to scrape and clean your tongue each time you finish a meal because of hair like the growth of mushroom-like forest lies on the tongue. There is plenty of space to collect under such growth, nooks and corners, the food plaque that causes the bad breath. 
  9. Seasoning is helpful: Cloves, fennel, ginger and anise seeds are useful to keep the breath enhanced. Make them available near your dining place as they improve the breath especially after smelly meals.
  10. Eat Your Parsley: It not only a taste enhancer but has the property that acts as foul breath saver. Its sprig cleanses your breath and at the same time gives you a good feeling of well being.
  11. Minty Mouthwash Gargling.  Medicine flavored mouthwashes are demonstrably useful for fighting the mouth generated bacteria giving the bad smell. They have in them essential oils like thyme, eucalyptus, peppermint, and wintergreen, sodium benzoate and benzoic acid.
  12. Chewing Gum: Like mouthwash, minty gum or a breath gum helps in keeping the foul smell under check for the short time say far an interview or for an outing with your dear ones.
  13. It is prudent not to eat the garlic, hot pepper, onion to free oneself from bad breath.

Here is a short movie to stop the bad breath.


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