See How Wonderful Drone Will Make Life More Pleasant

The idea to have Unmanned aircraft is over one hundred fifty years old.  Austria attacked Venice way back on Aug. 22, 1849,  by dispatching balloons laden with bombs. They were activated by the electromagnetic waves. The strike made little damage, but Venice surrendered two days later.

 Unmanned radio-controlled aircraft called ‘Flying Bomb’ got used in the First world war in 1916.   The British Royal Navy used pilotless aircraft named  Queen Bee in 1935.  That was in a real sense the forerunner of the present day drone. The electromagnetic radio waves could repeatedly operate it.
Aircraft engineer Abraham Karem is known the father of drone. He made the versions called Amber and predator.

The Changing Scenario: Yesterday, Today and in the Future.

Keeping in view the Drones are the new business models that are upcoming, new ventures’ exploration are in the offing. Let us find out how drones will shape our lives and the world. The new possibilities that Drone would bring to the world.


Early Warnings of Disasters

The weather changes would get monitored through the weather sensors fitted on the small drones to detect and warn well in time for the continuous changes in the climatic conditions for storms, earthquakes, blizzards, torrential rains, tsunamis, and forest fires.

Emergency Services: Smelling and finding the lost children same as the air scent dogs, stop the illegal hunting of the wild animals, info on movements of extremists and terrorist activities would aid in preventing and controlling the mob violence by keeping a watch on the air.

News Compilation: All the happenings can be covered by the press by the drones and that keep you abreast of the latest happenings. The live interviews can get covered instantly.

Delivery: The postage for delivery and courier services to deliver medicines, Farm fresh vegetables and fruits, so much so that catering for any food gala party will be available very soon in a couple of years.

Business: Construction, geographical surveys, environmental protection and keeping a vigil, Taking care of commercial shipping, watching over the electricity transmission lines, mapping services for oil exploration on the land. Displaying ads on footpath and parking lots. Projections of large banners, dispatching samples to the customers.

Farming:  On bringing down the price of the drones, the drones would be used for the Agri-products in bags up to 1000 kilometers away. The Pollination of plants, advise on the quantity of fertilizer to use, the population of pests and keeping a close watch on plant diseases would be attended by the drones.

Police Drone: The new generation would develop the skill to smell the drugs and identify the class, tracking the criminals and the guilty will be useful to assist the police.

Healthcare: Harvard-MIT is working on drones which can ensure the delivering of the essential medicines and vaccines to far flung areas. Such Microdrones will be in the offing that will judge and measure changes of body energy and temperature to identify the disease and act for the medicines’ delivery. Besides this, the research and development is getting much importance in the fields of education, science and research, travelling and tourism.

The Future uses of the drones:


  • High-capacity zoom techniques
  • Keeping vigil in the darkness, that is night vision
  • Analysis of videos
  • To see across the walls or separations
  • Tracking the incidents at and around theft area
  • To provide info on any happening.


File:Snowdonia by drone.webm

Example aerial video of Snowdonia filmed with a DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ quadcopter

Although the commercial use of drones is still in a legal gray area, several segments of the industry are open to its usage and already seeing many benefits. Among their many applications, the most well-known are drone journalism  hurricane hunting, 3-D mapping of the landscape, nature protection, farming, and search and rescue. Drones are being used in entertainment as well as in business. The Fox Broadcasting Company used Phantom 2 Vision+ quadcopters to promote the show 24 during the San Diego Comic-con International 2014. Via 

See for yourself YouTube video:   how drone is taking over in the world affairs


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