You See Here New Logos On Facebook

There had been an ongoing but steady demand for buttons projecting other emotions than only Likes on Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg declared in his post that he has launched emotion buttons in the whole world. In that, six new figures have been given. The users can now express their feelings by pressing six emotions’ buttons beside Like, Love, Haha, Wow, Sad and Angry.

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Zuckerberg says it is is not necessary that everyone likes each post necessarily. On some articles our emotions and reactions are different. One may get saddened on a free write up.

He admitted that Facebook community has asked for a dislike button for a long time. It could not get installed because writers do not want that their post gets disliked. The sympathy and other emotions are well within everyone’s realm.

Zuckerberg says he discussed the matter seriously with his team members. The outcome was that folks should get to use other buttons as well as the Like button. The inference they got ‘to display other emotions’ and decided to go for such buttons. 

 Alternatively, the organization was building other options for users to be able to show different sentiments like understanding and sorrow. Mark Zuckerberg’s this post got viewed 1.9 million times, and there were 160000 likes

Recently, Zuckerberg stated in a town hall event in Berlin, Germany that the Facebook has no place for any stuff or space to encourage the hate emotions. The organisation is about to establish a good control and restraint. They have to remove by refined means for any hate campaign stuff from Facebook. The German authorities had expressed concern about the misuse of the Facebook, by extremist and terrorist organisations. They felt that the social network wasn’t doing enough to curtail racist comments.

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He had a talk about this in his last meeting the year earlier with Chancellor Angela Markel. He added that he had a feeling that Facebook did not perform well in Germany. But they will have to do much better there.

You See Here New Logos On Facebook


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