There Will Be No Need To Self-drive On The Roads.

Automobile: Smart Car will bring in a plenty of changes.The accidents are bound to reduce and save plenty of lives, gas. Then, no need to self-drive on the roads. Here we have three dominant ideas about the self-driving vehicles.


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1) They have already arrived:

Tesla Motor has announced that they updated the software using different sensors, cameras, GPS and other digital devices so that autonomous driving will get to be a reality pretty soon. Some time earlier a car rally by self-driven cars got held that traversed the path from Los Angles to NewYork successfully. 96 % of the passage got covered by the automatic mode. A man is required to stay in the driver’s seat just in case of emergency.  Practically speaking the drivers were reading, sending messages, brushing teeth uploaded their videos while in motion.  Ellon Musk, the Owner of Tesla Motors, insisted that in three years self-driven cars will be seen running around. The famous car manufacturers like Mercedes-Benz, Ford, and Toyota have made similar announcements to make such autonomous cars and assure such cars to run around within a few years.


2) Independent Car is a better driver.

The ideas expressed about such innovated autonomous car can trouble most of the people to digest the work of these awaited cars. The computers employed can keep a constant vigil on other car drivers. The networks will coordinate immediately the data received from the GPS, weather changes, and enable the vehicle to move at greater speed. The nature of the computer is to remain awake and alert, to carry out all the commands as it does not ever sleep. The computers are ever ready to receive and execute the commands given.


3)  These cars will change nearly everything.

The autonomous vehicles’ financial and safety standard are comprehensive and extensive. But the legal and moral challenges are difficult to encounter. In today’s digital universe it is easy to integrate the self-driven car in the age of pilotless drones. The subsequent step is to make it compulsory to change the law for the superior way from manual to self-driven cars.

The puzzle is who will be responsible for the mistakes that may take place? How will they make the decisions about life and death when the computers get involved? The legal profession will have to sort out this in years to come.

Looking at the statistics of the USA, where 6 million accident are reported with about 33000 deaths every year. About 2 million people get injured. The driverless car will indeed perform in a much better way to reduce these figure substantially. It is considered over 1.3 million people die all over the world due to car accidents.

The problem of parking of the vehicles will get solved thus money will be saved from burning the unnecessary fuel. The statistics prove that in metros about 30% of the drivers keep driving looking for parking places.That is the mere waste of time and money. The automatic cars will proceed directly to parking place available without wasting time and can be recalled later on by the owners.

Because of all the advantages, accuracy, alacrity and never getting tired, these cars will take over gradually. Google’s self-governing car have traversed 2 million kilometers, and only 17 accident took place. These mishaps occurred when the human pilots drove them.

All in all, the US administration has set aside US $ 4 billion, a good amount of money on research for the autonomous car for the next ten years. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has advised that instead of humans the computers should get recognized as the proper drivers to let the cars be in total safe control. It would ensure legality to the research and development companies that are making cars without steering wheels.

Ellon Musk, the owner of Tesla Motors, believes that in the year 2023,  the era of driverless car will arrive.  Google’s Rey Cruze says just in ten years such an age of new self-driven cars will take over. The auto industry analyst believes the era of driverless car will establish between 2035 & 2050. Well, at least, we know that change is around the corner.

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