Tips on Finding the Right Safety Trainer

While adding things like TYPE 4 Safety Light Curtains can help to reduce accidents in the workplace, there is nothing like a good training class. Usually, a company will have to find professionals to come in and provide the classes they need. When working around heavy equipment, you can never be too careful and training your employees is a great way to avoid accidents in the workplace.

The following are just a few of the things you should check before hiring a safety training company.

Credentials Check

You have many different credentials to check for in a prospective trainer. Any sort of paper qualifications need to be checked to insure they are OSHA accredited. Most major equipment manufacturer’s offer accredited courses for trainers to attend. There are also third party companies that offer the same type courses to potential trainers. But just having paper qualifications is not enough, you will want a potential trainer to have a lot of on the job training also. Beware of any training that is a universal fit, you need a training program that is unique to your company.

Site Visit

Any training company that you are considering should be willing to do an on-site walk through. The walkthrough will show the trainer what type of program that they need to develop for you company. It also provides the trainer with a look at what procedures are not being followed and which ones are being obeyed. The trainer also needs to look at what brand and model your machines are for specific training.

Program Thoroughness

Much more goes into an effective safety training class than just starting and adjusting the settings. A machine operator needs to be aware of operations on and off of the equipment they are using.  Some of the most important operations off of the machine are battery handling and maintenance checklists. Having a trainer that understands the importance of these procedures is essential in a successful machine operation.

Providing Time and Space for Training

Many of the basics can be covered in a classroom setting but, there are some things that just have to be hands on. Making sure that the hands on training covers the model of machine the operator will be using is crucial. The time the employees will be spending on the hands on training will pay for itself in the end.

Training Pedestrians

The machine operator is not the only employee that will benefit from training. The training of pedestrians is also an important part of on the job safety. Any employees that work around the machine need to be aware of the dangers of the machinery.

Taking strides to improve the safety of your company can pay off in the end.


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