Customer Should Feel Good & That is The Most Important Thing

Sir Charles Nicholas Branson is a British business and an investor. He is known as the founder of the Virgin group, having more than 400 companies. How could he get so many companies? Did he have experience in each industry? Is it important to have expertise in any industry before starting the venture? Branson says ‘No.’

He wrote in his blog, that when he started the business, he was very practical. He did it as the other companies do – to keep expanding once the business starts. Initially, we began a small record shop and followed by our ‘record’ label in our studio. Big music stores followed it. He was fond of music but knew nothing about the music business knowing that was not a big weakness. He was young and stubborn and persistent in his actions. He wanted to carry out the job in his style and antilogy; that is what drove to success.

Photo Credit: Sir Richard Nicholas Branson.
Sir Richard Nicholas Branson

We invited the potential buyers to come to our prestigious shops to listen to as many records for hours at a time. People could hear the music of their liking. The motive behind was not to treat the people only as customers but as individuals having the taste for their lives, people who could shape their lives in any direction they wished to go. They were welcome at their shops and not worried over to leave soon.

We had the same approach for Virgin Atlantic without knowing the finer points of the Air travel business. We just followed that the customer should have better and excellent experience when compared to other companies. We just did not want to be just another airline. We worked very hard to promote our airline ‘Virgin Atlantic.’ We approached the old style of our Music studio, creative, and for the customer having the focused approach. All the small and big facilities got provided, and our cabin crew had to take care of the passenger with excellent and exemplary behaviour. Same policy got used for the Mobile phone. The customers even got the facility to buy the sim even without having a mobile. We did assure that the service provided to clients got improved above the present day facilities furnished by the other phone companies.

Branson says that in any area on starting a venture, having experience is not necessary. One has the option of hiring people with experience who know how to run a business. One can gain from their experience.

Richard Branson never leaves any opportunity to publicise. It is a secret of his professional success. He remains as the brand ambassador of his own business. He remains ever ready to do anything for his company.

He used powerboats to break the transatlantic speed record. He failed in the first attempt but succeeded in making a record in the second run. He is the first person to cross Atlantic and the Pacific by Air balloon.


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