In the world You See Something Surprising and Add to Your Knowledge – Part 2



11-year old has made a deal of 11 million dollars:’ 

Mikaila Ulmer of Texas made  Lemonade and has become popular on signing a deal with Whole Foods’ 55 stores. The Beesweet named Lemonade became popular when she declared that 10 % of profits were promised to save Bees. They are available in Lemonade Mint andLemonade Flaxseed.  Honey is mixed and  no sugar is added in these preparations.

The Austin, Texas sixth-grader built her lemonade business, BeeSweet Lemonade” Soon-to-Be “Me &the Bees), with a 1940s lemonade recipe from her Grand Mother. 



There would not be any adulteration.

  • Lemonade has no added sugar or artificial sweetener.
  • Mikkalia has served the dish to Barak Obama.


Suitcase will receive calls and send SMS:

Wow, what a suitcase that will receive calls and transmit the SMS. The industrial designer Andrea Ponti has designed this in Los Angles and named Floatti Case. The suitcase will have a laptop and mobile charger.  All of its wheels move 360 degrees and also move in the vertical axis to absorb any shock due o impact while climbing stairs and uneven surface. It got designed so that it will manage its weight on pull on the handle. There is an electronic weighing scale that will show the total weight it carries.

The idea of the suitcase has caught on and much liked that 198 investors showed their immediate interest to promote its manufacture. So far 7 million dollars as funds got deposited.

There is a GPS installed in it, and there is no chance of its getting lost. The suitcase will have red or Navy blue, or cream as the available colors.

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