Here is How to be Safe From Mental Challenges by Yoga

Kids come from school and often complain or give some info about the school. There could be some complaints, or some excuses are provided by them. Do not ignore.  Wise parents should attentively listen to distinguish between excuses or complaints. Usually,  a complaint about the bully is taken lightly.

The word bully gets used in schools for those kids who boss around and prevail in beating the other children. Such bullying kids have a mental problem for themselves and other fellow students. Such violent kids should immediately be dealt with. Otherwise, the problem could take a dangerous turn at a later stage.

Such a mentality is found even amongst the adults. They do not attack physically but torture others mentally. If you are a bit sensitive, you are certain to be hurt. Since you have grown up and would not complain to someone else. Such people would show such frustrations on the family members. You come back but make it a point not to disclose anything at home. The family members would like to know the source of your behavior of remaining disturbed and frustrated.

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There is one solution to the problem. Whenever we come back and get bothered by the outside bullies, it would be best to make bullies understand and tell them to stop bullying. The other solution is to make yourself understand and become peaceful. One can practice Yoga and shield oneself from such a mental blackmailing. There are ample of Yoga Classes around. You need to enquire and see the reputation of the Teachers. It would be all right to take a weekend class or a short course.

Therefore, in each 24 hours spare some time to practice the Yoga regularly. Remain calm and maintain peace on leaving the home and on returning, stay happy. Do not impose your mental problems and difficulties on the family members. The yoga will inspire and keep you ready to ward off such mental challenges in life.


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