You See Here Teachers get confused Because of Students


The Camford English High School of Chittoor of Nellore District, Telangana, India is famous and popular amongst people. It is not noted for its academic results or for shining in any sports but for having 29 pairs of twins. There are 58 twins in the school.

It is like a massive 29 set of doubles have been studying in Classes second to tenth in the Camford High School at Chittoor. This unusual eventuality has encouraged the school administration to commemorate the World Twins Day listed for February 22, with more zeal than other institutions.

Twins, dressed in their indistinguishable best, were the actors of the school, the event drawing the attention of residents of Chittoor.

Instructors said that they had trouble in distinguishing who was that since the pupils were duplicates of each another. School administrator C.R. Mahesh said that the ceremony is a yearly affair, due to the number of doubles in the institution.

“It was an excitement and wonder for me too when we recognized a decade before that there existed 16 pairs of twins in our school. We were incapable of distinguishing in them since the dress too is same. Their number grew over the years,” Mr. Mahesh said.

He stated that they had been planning the celebration, particularly for twins every year after they recognized the 16 pairs, to give them a chance to come wearing their best and join in the social actions on that special day.

Mr. Mahesh said that the school doesn’t give any particular concession to attract twins, the number of pairs is purely casual. Meantime, parents of the twins and teachers take part in the functions with much enthusiasm.

The twins born in the district is much higher in other parts of the state.


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