Greenery Award Has Transformed Building Designs in the World

Here is a snapshot from Singapore residential area, that is known as ‘City of Garden’ The greenery here is on a hotel rooftop where all the windows have a view of greenery for the guests on each floor. This hotel won the Greenery Award in 2015. Many highrise buildings have adopted this trend mainly in Singapore and the world over.

How useful is vertical greenery, what are its costs and benefits, and how sustainable is it in the long term? Perpendicular greenery is frequently used in cities to both increase essence of life and better the urban habitat and ecosystem. Greenery modifies temperatures, enhances air condition and strengthens biodiversity. Exposure to urban greenery can improve peoples’ anatomy and the health.

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Photo credit: Dainik Bhaskar

There are plenty of gardens, but increasing greenery on the buildings have a definite effect on the environs. The winds have started to blow more than the earlier times in Singapore. The ordinary people have increased to plant a garden on the rooftops and increase the overall greenery effect. Many agencies are doing the complete implanting of greenery work at a little cost and bring gardens to the surroundings.

There is a whole scientific way to proceed and build in the field of Vertical Greenery. The safety aspect of stability to the structure need to comply and can not be overlooked. Complete references are given below for the benefits of one and all.

Skyrise Greenery is an up-and-coming area of the panorama industry, with new materials, recent approaches and methods regularly emerging to cater to the growing market. Boundaries are investigated and tested, supporting the surfacing of new supply chains and new job skills.

There have been a lot of input to increase the greenery in Singapore. The most important of this has been the ‘Skyrise Greenery Reward’. Commenced in 2008, the first of its kind in the East Asia. For this award right from Building Owners, Developers, Architects, Designers, and Landscape Contract managers have been honoured for their efforts. Not only this, besides greenery, fishing ponds have been created for fish farming.

The award gets bestowed on those who participate with proper systematic technique and develop the sky garden with vertical greenery in the project. There were only nine parties in the 2008 and that has augmented to over 77 in 2016.


Gardens in the sky

Comprising of the green rooftop, vertical greenery, and gardens in the heaven, Skyrise Greenery provides an innovative way in which greenery can blend into urbanscapes. It has frequently become an essential component of sustainable metropolitan growth. The Greenery Day commenced on 29th April being the birthday of Japanese Emperor Showa. The Emperor loved plants and as a memorial, the day is celebrated

In 2007, Greenery Day was shifted to May 4, and April 29 got turned to Shōwa Day in agreement with a 2005 amendment to the law concerning to Japanese government vacations. The Shōwa Emperor ruled for sixty years and two weeks. 

Concise Guides to Safe Practices for Rooftop and Vertical Greenery.Via.These models can be downloaded for free here.


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