1) Airport Security 2) Tweets on Controversial TV Appearance 3) Medical Alert

Airport Security

Long lines at the Airports:       Viral

It is a universal problem to see the long lines at the major airports especially in the USA and worldwide since the 9/11. It is important to take care and reach well in time to get the desired flight. Photographer Sean Hoffman on the way to Oregon noticed the queue for the TSA security checkup at Chicago’s Midway airport. He wondered why this was so. He readied his camera to find the line’s end and searched for the tail end of the line and traced it at the entry point of the airport’s entrance. The reason: the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) security check-up. The delay was apparent. In the video, he observed and wondered that might be the security staff making it funny or playing a joke or kidding- can the security check line could be so lengthy? He uploaded this video to YouTube and got 2.13 million views in just three days with 7000 likes and 2400 comments.

When the Weather Anchor Co-host Had to put on the Cardigan

Sometimes during the news shows, the TV Channels of the western nations have to face many controversial issues that surface. At times, the channels have to apologise to the viewers for controversial matters. On Sunday last a female weather anchor was showing details of the weather on the KTLA live show when ‘Tweets’ stormed against her demeanor. Most of the Tweets said that the weather Anchor should take special care to dress up. The innovative attire that didn’t work on-air since it was semi see-through.

Screen shot 2016-05-18 at 10.03.57 PM

Photo Credit: Dainik Bhaskar

She is Liberte Chan on KTLA Morning News. The Tweets commenced flooding in during the show itself. A lady named Heather Pool tweeted expressing that if her nine years old son upheld that the dress was wrong, then that dress had to be a blunder. It got noticed that Chan’s Co-host handed her a cardigan that she immediately donned.

The Tweets were fifty-fifty in their tone and opinions. One-half said it was wrong on her part to wear such revealing dress, but the other half appreciated her stand. Well decide for yourself and do as you like.

Later on after the show, Chan apologised to the viewers that she will never again put on an improper dress. The channel did not react or did anything about the happening. Chan gave an explanation that the channel Owner did not give her the dress to change, but it was a joke played by her co-anchor, Chris Brose. If you routinely see the show, then you will know that we often play pranks during the show.


38 years old Jesica Kill is on a particular campaign. She has to collect British pounds 150K to save her life from terrible diseases. She states that she does not understand how her two sons would cope with the life’s problems in the future. I want to strive and make arrangements for their education and make them better human beings. She needs money for medical treatment to have a good health.  She, on her appeal, is getting a good response online and has collected just one-third of the amount aimed.

Screen shot 2016-05-19 at 5.51.01 AM

Jesica added that she learnt two years age about her affliction as EDS or Ehlers–Danlos syndromes in which heartbeat and blood pressure have the problem. She also has the problem of Craniocervical, and if untreated she has the risk of losing the life.The UK does not allow any operation for EDS sufferer with positively linked ailments, as the unstable nature of their ligaments makes surgery high-risk. She added that if she gets the money she will go to the USA for the treatment where the 95% chances of survival.


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