Learn How to Avoid Computer Hackers Asking for Ransom

Computer Hackers

Ransomware means the use of computer software intended to capture the stored data on a computer system through the internet. After obtaining the information that is crucial, the hacker(who decode and get into others computers’ saved info) would ask for a reward or bribe to release the captured info. In practice, after the ransom, the info may not be released as agreed. In another way, the term ransomware is used to describe the crime committed for extracting money from the victim. The victim could be anyone using the computer for storing any information. In the present times, the ransomware industry has advanced so much that all should know how to protect oneself from the world of hackers crimes.

Worldwide total numbers of Cyber attacks are phenomenal  – one estimate is that 40 attacks get committed in each second. One Malicious mobile app is used every six seconds for such cheating. Monthly online threats increase at the rate of one in every second (source Kaspersky Lab).

Kaspersky Lab ‘s Senior Security Officer Juan Guerero disclosed that in the last two years such total amounts cyber (computer) ransom have gone up substantially. The ransomware is seen to be more popular with the smaller capacity business owners, because when the sum gets added together, it gives a more amount than bigger businesses ransom. It is because hackers are not able to break through the larger parties such as banks or companies security system. The hackers breach the smaller firms, schools, hospitals and personal computers of anyone not so significant. Every year, millions of such hacking attacks go on. Usually, the hackers are from Russia or Eastern European nations and nothing much can be done to control them.

Recently a  large hospital and three smaller medical centers got targeted in the USA. The ransomware blocked the files in the record section. Ultimately the hospital had to pay out US$ 16500. The hackers successfully targeted the schools and the Headquarters of Police Offices.

To ask for money and then to release the retrieved info. It is an or electronic crime or abduction.”Although ransomware usually used against individuals, it’s only a matter of time before the hackers disturb everyone on the net.”

The ransomware applications spread through emails or attachments and infiltrates into the system using the internet.  The used program may be known as cryptovirus, crypto trojan or crypto worm.

The funds get extorted by hackers in two or three steps.

First, Sending an email informing that small amount needs to be paid to send a private key- with a note that if payment is not made by the last date, the stored data will be lost. 

Second, the targeted party is informed that he is a subject of inquiry as the program on the computer were not licensed and therefore illegal.


Third,  The hacker stealthily conceals the data and does nothing else. Asks for money by legal means by selling anti-ransomware.

How to Save oneself:

Keep updating your systems and keep reviewing the antivirus program on regular basis. Every week update the backfiles. Never open or download any stuff from the unknown email. Keep a backup of data saved.


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