Here is How to Get Safe Drinking Water

Drinking Water

Here is a method to get Safe Drinking Water. The uniqueness of the approach is that no electricity requirement in the entire process. The method is usable anywhere, and the purity of water is of the highest standard. The arrangement is useful for the areas of Eastern India and Bangladesh where the water gets contaminated by various metals led by Arsenic.

It is very economical water purifying technique by Dr. Sanchita Ckaravarti. She invented the system at the National Physical Laboratory, Jamshedpur. The achievement took over six years of the teamwork by the engineers at the institute.

The Ferruginous Manganese Ore (FMO) got used favorably for the removal of arsenic in six real life arsenic contaminated water samples. There is no leaching (a widely used extractive metallurgy technique which converts metals into soluble salts in aqueous media) of Manganese or any other elements from FMO to water after absorption.

The technique got certified to the highest stringent requirement and technology got transferred to a company in Chennai. The commercial use of the method is still pending. As a pilot project around 50 houses use the newly developed system in the state of Jharkhand.

In the practice, two buckets are placed one above the other. The top bucket has a hole in its base plus sand and FMO mixture. Five to six gram of the FMO powder for 20 liters of water to be purified. The safe drinking water comparable to the highest standard trickles down through the compound into the second bucket.

At present only US$ 9 is the cost to start the system.  The cost works out to 4-5 US cents for producing 100 liters of safe drinking water.


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