How to Handle Persistent Hiccups? Consult Your Physician Right Away


Hiccups have an interesting scientific reason. The Diaphragm, located between chest and stomach, seldom gets contracted due to some reasons, say a spasm, causing blockage in its upper part which is the middle part of the vocal system. In other words, hiccups transpire when a contraction contracts the diaphragm, making an input of breath abruptly stopped by the cessation of the vocal cords (glottis). In this case, the air of the stomach tries to eject out with a thrust. It causes a unique kind of sound which is called a hiccup.

Indigestion related acidity, hyperacidity, the habit of alcohol, overeating the food, taking a meal in a rush, activity due to the pituitary gland.  The guilt feeling, gastric problem, diarrhea, deformation in the prostate gland, kidney or liver related diseases, abdominal disorders, may cause hiccups sometimes due to pituitary gland related problems. Sometimes due to grieving or taking an excess of cold water may also cause hiccups, if it persists for a long time, then treatment becomes a must.

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Put cold water soaked cotton cloth 1’x1′ on the abdomen of the patient and also provide hot and cold massage at an interval of three minutes will cure the problem. Besides this, cold bath below the waist or giving an enema of neem water Jalneti( Cleaning nostrils with water) and kunjal Kriya( washing stomach by filling the stomach with water)  also cure the problem. Take 4-5  glasses of warm water and vomit by bowing your trunk at 90 degrees is also useful in this problem. Kumbhak (stopping breath in or outside the lungs)  pranayama is especially useful in this problem. Such patients are also given ice to suck which is also effective. When the problem gets cured, take simple diet mainly basic vegetables like carrots, bottle guards, cucumber, etc. in boiled form very mildly spiced. Take simple food in the morning and evening and vegetable juices in the afternoon which may cure the problem.

Foods like spicy or oily stuff, snacks, sweets alcohol, smoking, cook drinks, biscuits, bread, etc. should be avoided.  Avoid food when you are in anxiety, stress, and in depression. However, in hiccups, one needs to take rest as a part of the treatment.


Take complete rest

Tying a piece of cotton cloth that goes around the waist and the navel comfortably gives relief from hiccups. Boil turmeric and cardamom in milk. Cool it to the room temperature and later put it in the fridge to make it cold and gulp it down. The hiccups shall improve. Practice pavanmukta asana.

Acupressure and bathing in cold water as the hiccups begin will cure the problem. Chew fresh ginger or turmeric or mulethi as soon as the hiccups start. Crush four numbers of cardamom with its peel and boil in 375 ml of water to evaporate until it remains about the half quantity say about 190 ml. Take equal amounts of Peepal, ginger, amlan and rock sugar and crush and powder it,  give to the patient with 3 grams of honey. Take a grain of hing (asafoetida) and consume it with banana. Give slices of onion added with salt to the patient.

Hiccups can be a reflection of some threatening complications. The Physicians say that many times serious diseases get identified due to hiccups. Therefore, hiccups may be viewed as a warning for apparent Meningitis or Brain tumors. Therefore, do not take the hiccups lightly. Investigations and consultation with your doctor is a must.


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