You Better Know Laughter is the Best and Free Medicine


Laughter as a free medicine for all.

Mark Twain (pen name) was famous humorist and renowned writer. He believed and propagated that man has a real weapon, and that is ‘laughter.’Whereas the American poet Robert Frost said if we do not laugh we will go mad. There are many health benefits of laughter.  It reforms the immune system, enhances the energy level, reduces pain and also does away the adverse effects of stress. The best thing is that it is the panacea for many problems and a free medicine for one and all.

Forty-five minutes after having a laughter session the muscles get relaxed. The laughter reduces the hormones that induce stress and enhance the immunity generating cells. All in all the immune system improves a lot.  As per the scientists, it is a proven that the laughter hormones named ‘endorphins make one happier, get generated on laughing.  They are remembered as the feel good hormones.  The pain reduces for some time. The laughter strengthens the blood vessels and increases the blood circulation, reduces the risk of heart attacks.

The Seers of the world have advised smiling always. Those who smile are the Rajah of the world. Those who always laugh, avail all the happiness in the world. Those who laugh in every situation make the sorrow vanish from their lives.


Laughter Makes the Body Strong

According to a report, a laugh on the face makes all the body organs such as the heart, lungs, stomach, intestines, kidneys, liver, spleen, skin, etc. to smile. The smile starts to flow in every drop of the blood and as a result experience no depression grief, frustration, and pain, etc. It is so useful that all the diseases get dissolved into it and, the blood becomes like nectar. Thanks to smile. The brain becomes happy, and it starts to release Beta-endorphin, that ends all pain. Your heart experiences happiness. The density of the blood gets reduced, or the blood becomes thinner and easier to flow in the circulatory system. Moreover,  the laughter destroys all the free radicles caused due to high blood pressure, acidity, cholesterol, etc.


The Way Laughter works and makes one Healthy

When brain processes something as entertaining. It beckons for the body to react with the muscles in our face. Watch it. Your eyes squint, and the mouth opens, head tilts back, then out comes the unmistakable sound of joy. Imagine a slow motion of laughing. It looks scary. One reason for laughing is fun because the muscle movement that occurs causes an increased flow of endorphin, the chemicals in your brain that make you feel good. And when you laugh, you get another health benefit, too. Laughter increases blood and heart rate, so it burns calories. And bonus time—it can even pump your immune system. But beware– laugh has its risks. It prevents you from inhaling oxygen and puts pressure on your thorax, which can theoretically lead to cardiac arrest. But don’t let that stop you from having a good laugh. Just thinking of Garfield eating lasagna does it for me


You must have heard that Laughter is the best medicine?

Well, it’s true. Research shows that laughing is a powerful remedy for stress, pain and social conflict. It can even make you more attractive. While you laugh your chest muscles and diaphragm contract, forcing air over vocal cords to create the rhythmic sound of laughter. Your heart beats faster, and the inner lining of your blood vessels dilates, which augments blood movement and sends more oxygen to the rest of the body. You may laugh so hard, you cry or even pee a little. Laughter also triggers the discharge of endorphins the body’s feel-good chemicals, which can help relieve pain. In fact, laughter has been shown to ease feelings of depression and anxiety by reducing stress hormones like cortisol and epinephrine.

But the best part about laughing? It brings you nearer to those around you – especially the opposite sex. Research suggests that women are attracted men who make them laugh, while men are attracted to women who think they’re funny. So giggle a little and laugh a lot. You’ll feel better. And that’s no joke.


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