It’s Time Man Admits Absolutely That Woman is Superior to Him

Woman is Superior
For humans to live happily, one has to understand the problems and their solutions of life. All the contentment, happiness, delight, joy are part of men and woman when they remain together in harmony. Because she gives birth, feeds, and raises the man ( woman), she is superior to the offspring at all times.

How strange it is that in one hand woman is worshipped as a mother, as a sister she illuminates a family, bears all the responsibility as a wife and spreads happiness as a daughter. The same woman gets subjected to outrage and violence by the man that reflects nothing but the duplicity of man.  If a man who is stronger than a woman physically and economically, is denying to give the rights to the woman.  It is a time for him to change this mentality. The woman needs to modify the role of playing subservient to an equally important role in the development of the society.

We can not overemphasize the importance of women in the society. Their contribution to the community can also not get hidden. That nation cannot prosper in which women are denied freedom and are forced to be secondary. The whole world is moving ahead and changing, but there is hardly any change in the mentality of men towards women in the society. Growing inhumanity and violence against women in the society reflects that we are still bearing medieval mentality even in the modern world.

We are required to change our attitude towards women that they are not inferior to men. Women have served in the top constitutional posts of the country and given the fast changes taking place in the world; such things are bound to grow. Even the women who are living as homemakers and feeding the whole family are unable to enjoy freedom. Their contribution in the of nation building is no way less than that of their earning male counterparts. We are required to appreciate the efforts and the contributions of the women. The belief that consumerism drives the world needs to be changed to equality between the sexes.

Here underneath you can find the eternal truths about women in the reverend holy book
of Sikhs:- Via 
From a lady, man is born; within woman, a man is conceived. To the woman, he
is engaged and married. A Woman becomes his friend; through a woman, the future
generations come. When his woman dies, he seeks another woman. So he has bound to her always. So, why call her lowly or wrong? It is from her the kings are born. From woman, a woman is born, there would be no one (world) without the women.  Alone the True Lord is without a woman.


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